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BasePac 10


BasePac 10 - latest generation studio software for industrial embroidery

Create, edit, manage - our BasePac is the perfect software for your own embroidery files in the field of industrial embroidery, no matter if you are a beginner, an advanced or an expert. We have the tool together with the software architects and developers of the society for computer science and control technology mbH (GiS) elaborated. The greatly expanded functionality of version 10 not only supports the full spectrum of classic embroidery, it also fulfills all the requirements of the latest application field of embroidery machines, technical embroidery. In addition, version 10 covers the special requirements of wire and fiber storage and thus represents a new generation of studio software. The data exchange and the transfer of the embroidery patterns to the production is guaranteed via the network - in all common industrial formats.

New version with simple structure

Our version 10 of the BasPac is characterized in particular by its even simpler program structure. The options available so far are combined in the new BasePac 10 into four package solutions for different user profiles: BASE, PREMIUM, PROFESSIONAL and TECHNOLOGY.



The new package BASE contains the possibility to create monograms with over 100 different fonts. You can lay the letters quite classically on any curves or circles. The editor available in BASE lets you edit existing embroidery motifs. This can eg be used to compose new motifs from parts of existing motifs or to scale motifs - including automatic density adjustment.

BASE allows automated loading of your embroidery files over a network with a barcode scanner. In addition, BASE can actively send embroidery data to various embroidery machines connected to the network.

The package includes a print program that lets you print, among other things, TrueView representations, yarn consumption tables, needle sequence prints - ie individual images for each needle - as well as a catalog of your existing embroidery designs with up to 16 patterns per page.


The likewise new PREMIUM package includes all the possibilities of the BASE package, but goes far beyond its scope: We have extended the editor to a full editor, with which, for example, third-party patterns such as DST files can be edited.

The PREMIUM package also lets you import pixel and vector graphics from your customers and automatically create embroidery designs.

The PREMIUM version is already an extensive punch program for producing your own, free embroidery designs. To facilitate work, a variety of automated standards are integrated, eg:

  • Freehand drawing for artistic work

  • Satin stitch with stitch shortening in bottlenecks

  • Lockstitch as Complex Fill with holes

  • beans Stich

  • Convert objects between all stitch types and input types

  • Automatic filling and line pads for all stitch types

  • Draw graphic primitives (ellipse, circle, rectangle, polygon)

  • Transfer vector data (.dxf / .ai) as punch data

  • Transfer punch data as a drawing and process it further

  • Edit reference data freely at any time

  • Automatically calculate branches and stitch locations in complex areas for satin stitch

With BasePac 10 PREMIUM, of course, you can also control specific functions of our ZSK embroidery machines, such as the automatic head switching of multi-head embroidery machines.


The new PROFESSIONAL package integrates all functions of the PREMIUM version. With additional features for special effects such as curvy fillers or gradients, as well as advanced fill-in programs for creative work, the pack meets professional needs. Among them are, for example:

  •     Complex Fill also with side contours and islands

  •     Curvy quilting in complex areas with holes and side contours

  •     Angle division with adjustable angle

  •     Stencil filling on Complex Fill with holes

  •     Stencil filling also on curvy quilting

  •     Macro on Complex Fill Lay surface with or without clipping on the edges

  •     Sequined automatic on line and by macros with sequin functions

  •     Edge reversal also round or dull with split stitch

  •     Toothed stitch with automatic creation of toothing lines

  •     Quilting program with random stitch length and swing

You can save your own created or edited samples with the program package PROFESSIONAL to any destination such as USB sticks or network addresses. This includes output formats such as the Tajima DST, Tajima DSZ, Tajima DSB, ZSK TC and also the new formats Tajima TBF and Barudan FDR.


You want to create, edit and export large embroidery designs from and for Lässer and Saurer machines? Then the TECHNOLOGY package is the ideal solution for you.

With TECHNOLOGY the editing of all known Schiffli special functions and the setting of free repeat patterns with single needle switching are possible.

TECHNOLOGY also provides the necessary additional features required for fiber and wire placement with our technical embroidery systems.

Updates to GiS BasePac

The updates for the GiS BasePac are available on the GiS website. Please note that you will be leaving our website by clicking the link.

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