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Wilcom Embroidery Studio Editing e4


Combine all the features of EmbroideryStudio Lettering with advanced embroidery editing capabilities. This provides powerful software for non-digitizing staff in a custom embroidery shop or production facility.

Wilcom Embroidery Studio Editing e4

Editing, Monogramming, Lettering and Machine Connection Software.

Full editing control over .EMB object properties allows for recoloring, reshaping, and resequencing of all design objects. Change densities and other settings to suit different fabrics or sizes. 

With over 200 professionally digitized embroidery fonts and direct machine connections, you can create and stitch new variations of existing designs quickly and efficiently. 

Correct small technical mistakes or incorporate simple customer changes without sending it back to your digitizer, saving time and increasing your embroidery expertise. 

Wilcom’s EmbroideryStudio e4 Editing is powerful advanced editing, automatic lettering, customizing and machine connection software purposely developed for non-digitizing staff in a retail embroidery shop or production facility.

  • Handle quality assurance elements of embroidery production

  • Save time and money by editing outsourced embroidery designs

  • Prepare designs for production

  • World leading lettering can be added to your own designs or even those outsourced

  • Create beautiful monograms

  • Team naming for sports and workwear

  • Low-cost embroidery software for admin and production staff

The industry standard for embroidery software

If you outsource your embroidery digitizing, nine times out of ten, your contractor will use the Wilcom EMB file format. Why not streamline the process by using the same software so that you can easily edit the designs without losing quality or stitch data?


More Efficient Design Workspace

  • 4K monitor support, large or small icons, optional labels

  • Improved arrangement of toolbox tools with quick-access flyouts

  • Switch between multiple open designs effortlessly with new design tabs

  • Visualize stitching sequence with the new Stitch Player using classic media player controls

  • New Color toolbar commands and My Threads docker for easier color management

  • Large, full featured Open dialog displays design details

  • "Open Recent Designs" with thumbnail view.

Select and Edit Parts of Designs

More control and simpler than ever! Using the Reshape or Stitch Edit tool, modify shapes or change stitch settings or effects options. Even stitch files such as DST are recognized as objects, giving you full, object based control and eliminating the need for stitch-by-stitch editing.

  • Group/Ungroup designs to edit individual design objects

  • Change object properties for selected objects eg, color, density, pull, underlay and more

  • Reshape individual design objects and lettering

  • Cut/Copy/Paste parts of designs.

Advanced Design Processing

The Color-Object List makes sequencing your design as easy as drag 'n drop. Select objects by color or stitch type to change their properties or resequence your design. You can also group, hide or lock individual objects for improved editing.

  • Resequence designs by object, color or selected sequence

  • Manipulate design objects in the Color Object List docker

  • Check individual stitches in the Stitch List docker

  • Automatically process densities by percentage for selected objects or stitch types.

Advanced Integrated Design Library

  • Search designs in seconds by customer, order, date or any text field

  • Designs are automatically indexed for fast search. No manual categorization required

  • Browse designs from all folders in one screen, or folder by folder

  • Group and sort designs by customer, order, date, folder, design status, stitches and more

  • Quickly see recent designs by date, no matter what folder they are in

  • Batch operations on multiple selected designs. Open, convert, print, stitch and catalogue.

Order Job Feature

  • Save customer, order & job details in the .EMB design file. A separate database is not required

  • Identifies the garment, quantities, sizes, colors and approval status

  • Display job details with high resolution product mock-ups in .PDF for customer approval

  • Estimate stitch counts from customer artwork using enhanced Auto-Digitizing

  • Create digitizing requests as .EMB designs and manage status in the Design Library

  • Minimize printed worksheets by sending .EMB with job details to production computer.

Enhanced Product Visualizer and Customer Approvals

  • Create mock-ups of designs on high resolution garment images in the required colors

  • Wide selection of high resolution predefined generic products included

  • Add your own custom product images

  • Move and re-size product images within the design

  • Print new .PDF approval sheets with job details or email directly to customers for approval

  • Save and record the product image directly in the .EMB design file for future use.

New and Improved Lettering

Choose from over 200 professionally crafted embroidery fonts or convert any TrueType or OpenType font instantly. Adjust individual letters to adapt to customer logos or to improve production.

Get the look you are after by refining kerning, word spacing and even individual letters. Built-in intelligence remembers your changes for next time.

  • 25 NEW embroidery fonts including 3D foam, logo fonts and specialty fonts

  • NEW predefined "Lettering Art" envelope shapes

  • Easier selection of embroidery fonts by style or type

  • Expanded capabilities and easier to use Team Names feature

  • Improved quality of automatic TrueType/OpenType stitching.

Easier Standard Team Names

Speed up production and don’t waste time manual handling of team names! Mail-Merge style features import a list of names, auto-fits them to your baseline and outputs for either single or multi-head production.

  • Create and manage individual’s names by team

  • Import/Export team members via .txt or .csv files

  • Create single baseline designs with all team names in one .EMB file

  • Export team names for stitching individually or in batches

  • Create a matrix layout of multiple team names in large frames.

Enhanced Monogramming

Choose from several different type baselines (arc, circle or vertical), or get creative with enveloping. EmbroideryStudio’s Monogramming tool helps you to quickly and easily combine type styles, decorative motifs and borders to create personalized monograms for your customers.

  • 69 professional predefined monogram designs or create your own

  • Extensive but easy to use monogramming user interface

  • Separate tabs for Designs, Letters, Ornaments and Borders

  • Advanced stitching parameters hidden unless asked for

  • Use embroidery fonts or TrueType fonts.

Smart Corners

Don’t like the way the digitizer has handled corners in the design? The Smart Corners feature reduces the number of stitches and the risk of bunched, distorted embroidery in sharp corners.

Save time and money with fast, quality stitch results

Optimize your production with full control of underlay, pull compensation, connectors, tie ins/offs, trims, jump and stop machine functions. You can even edit individual stitches to address any problem areas.

Quick editing for different fabric types

A design created for a towel can now be stitched on silk scarf with Auto Fabric Assistant. This tool automatically applies the most suitable underlay, pull compensation and stitch density settings for your chosen fabric.

Send designs to your embroidery machine with ease

Stitch Manager, Machine Manager and Connection Manager give you all the options to make sending designs to production a snap! You can also edit machine format values to get the best results.

Why Update to EmbroideryStudio e4?

EmbroideryStudio e4 takes a major leap forward from the previous e3 version. With a strong focus on improving both the creative side of the software as well as business productivity through improvements in efficiency.

What’s new in EmbroideryStudio e4?

There are several brand new tools and features packed into the software as well as improvements to many of the existing professional tools. It also now includes 7 features which previously were additional add-on Elements that were available to buy separately.

Our favorite reasons to update to e4 Decorating:

TrueView Thumbnails

New Design Library

Powerful design management capabilities with high speed search for customer designs, all within the software. Find by customer, order, date or any design information. This feature replaces the aged Design Explorer.

Bitmap to embroidery conversion

Order Job Feature

Save customer, order & job details directly into the .EMB design file. Create design workflows and manage design requests, estimates, customer approvals and production worksheets all within the software. A separate database is not required.


CorelDRAW® Graphics Suite 2017 INCLUDED

Fully integrated and bundled within the software. There are many new and improved Corel features specifically relevant to embroidery, multi-decoration, printing, cutting and engraving. It includes an extensive clipart and font library. Easy to install and Windows 10 compatible.

Embroidery Outlines

Enhanced Product Visualizer

New high-resolution garment images can be used to create accurate order mock-ups. Resize, re-color and save directly into the .EMB design file. Print new PDF approval sheets with all the job details or email them directly to customers.

CorelDRAW x6

New and Improved Lettering

The world class Wilcom lettering got even better plus there are 25 NEW professionally digitized fonts too! Now with Unicode support and OpenType Glyphs for fancy lettering. New 3D foam, outline, running stitch and two color fonts. There is also an improved font management and Team Names feature.

Break a Part Embrdoidery Font

New Graphics Style Digitizing

Easier digitizing perfect for beginners yet with the full control over inputs for more advanced users. Create embroidered outlines and fills using the same shape tool. Convert outlines to/from fills in a single click with the new Stitch toolbar. Add or remove holes and stitch angles. Create drawing objects as vector outlines or fills in the same way.

Virtual Decorations

Improved Auto-Digitizing

Greatly improved image processing and vector auto-digitizing capabilities for commercial use. Generate automatic stitch counts for quotations and job estimates. Simple logo designs can be auto-digitized and edited instead of outsourcing.


Enhanced Monogramming

New easy to use monogramming interface with 69 professional predefined monogram designs, or create your own. Take greater control of your monogram letter sizing, spacing and stitching.


More Efficient Design Workspace

Switch between multiple open designs effortlessly with the new design tabs. An improved arrangement of toolbox tools with quick-access flyouts helps you work faster. Visualize stitching sequences with the new Stitch Player using classic media player controls. New Color toolbar commands and My Threads docker for easier color management. Support for 4K monitors with optional large or small icons.


e3 Elements now included as Standard in e4 Decorating

There are 7 new features included which were previously add-on Elements purchase separately. This includes Offsets Standard, Team Names Standard, Vector Drawing, Auto-Digitize Bitmaps, Bling, Kiosk Mode and Virtual Decoration.

PC Specifications for EmbroideryStudio e4

Please ensure you have the correct hardware to ensure the software runs well. EmbroideryStudio e4 is compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10 operating systems. If you prefer, you can also run the software on a Mac

Note: An internet connection is required for updates and dongle registration.

The following are the minimum and recommended system requirements for EmbroideryStudio e4.

Minimum Requirements

  • CPU - Intel® Core i3 or AMD Athlon™ 64

  • Operating System – Windows 7 32-bit with latest updates and service pack

  • Browser – Microsoft Edge or IE11.0

  • Memory – 4 GB

  • Free Hard Disk Space – 40 GB

  • Graphics Card and Monitor – Support for 32bit and 1600 x 900 resolution

  • USB Ports – 2 free for installation (3 for upgrades)

  • Sound Card – Required for multimedia training

  • Internet Connection - Required for software updates and dongle registration


  • CPU – Latest Intel® Core i7

  • Operating System – Windows 10 64-bit with latest updates and service pack

  • Browser – Microsoft Edge or later

  • Memory – 8 GB

  • Free Hard Disk Space – 256 GB or more (Solid State Drive)

  • Graphics Card and Monitor – Support for Highest Color 32bit and 1920 x 1080 resolution or higher

  • USB Ports – 2 free for installation (3 for upgrades)

  • Sound Card – Required for multimedia training

  • Backup – External hard drive, cloud storage or other

  • Internet Connection - Required for software updates and dongle registration