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Latest Questions

  1. Which needles should I use with my ZSK embroidery machine?

    The DB X K5 embroidery needles are required for the ZSK embroidery machines.

    These are available in our online store.

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  2. Which needles should I use with my Brother embroidery machine?

    The Schmetz 130-705H-E needles are to be used for the Brother embroidery machines.

    These are available in our online store.

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  3. What are the benefits of using magnetic pre-wound bobbins?

    The concept of bobbin thread on a magnetic core is relatively new.

    With standard bobbins, as they run down their reduced weight can create vibrations within the bobbin case. This can cause overspin and backlash, therefore thread breaks.

    A magnetic core holds the bobbin tight within the case, so eliminates this problem.

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  4. How often do I need to change my bobbin?

    We advise that there is approximately 50'000 stitches per bobbin, depending on the brand and stitch design.

    It is recommended to check the amount left on your bobbin before using your machine, to prevent having to change the bobbin half-way through your design.

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  5. What is water-soluble topping and how should I use it?

    Water soluble is a topping that dissolves in cold water.

    It would be used on textiles and garments that are fluffy or textures, such as fleece or towels. 

    The water soluble topping is used on top of your garment, so that the material does not appear through the embroidery, and then simply disolved in cold water to reveal perfect stitch quality.

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  6. Which backing should I use if I require light weight backing?

    Our tear-away backing is a 40gm backing that is suitable as a light weight stabiliser.

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  7. Which backing should I use if I require heavy weight backing?

    Our cut-away backing is a 60gm backing which is suitable for embroidery requiring more stability.

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  8. Do you stock 5000 metre cones of thread?

    Yes, we now stock over 390 different colours of Isacord 5000 metre thread cones.

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