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The SPRINT 8 is the newest and probably the most extraordinary model of the popular single-head embroidery machine series SPRINT of ZSK.

The brand new SPRINT 8, designed by German industrial design specialist Andreas Schulze, has been manufactured with new and improved features to bring embroidery to the next level.

  • Nationwide Delivery Installation and Training
  • Easy Payment plans available
  • Book a live online demonstration from the comfort of your own home
  • Free online and telephone support
  • Free Embroidery Support App for iOS and Android
  • Free starter pack of threads and backings
  • Supplied with 2x 150mm round and 2x 300mm square frames
  • 24 months on site warranty


NEW! ZSK SPRINT 8 - 18 Needles

Embroidery solutions Made in Germany

The SPRINT 8 thanks its design to the German industrial design specialist Andreas Schulze. The modern and ergonomic design aims to combine functionality and sophistication. The SPRINT 8 is an eye catcher for your showroom, shop, living room and factory.

A key requirement for the new SPRINT 8 model was robustness of the body and an improved ability for 3D puffy embroidery.

The SPRINT Series includes all features of an industrial embroidery machine that makes it the most advanced compact embroidery machine in the market.

The SPRINT was the first machine at ZSK to be equipped with the slimmest tubular arm in the industry. Due to this feature, the machine is capable to embroider shirt and trousers pockets. The slim tubular arm sets the benchmark for the industry.

Operation without a picker avoids textiles being damaged from the picker pulling fabric into the hook.

The machine is available for tubular, cap and border frame embroidery with a maximum speed of 1200 stitches per minute. The strength of the industrial design and the precision of the components used allow the SPRINT to be your ideal solution for embroidery on shoes, leather products or even car mats.

Equipped with an upgraded version of the T8-2 controller, the SPRINT 8 is ideal for workflow solutions.

18 Needles and Colours

18 needles allow efficiency, a new level of creativity and perfection. The engineering of the 18 needle head provides highest embroidery stitch quality. Having 18 needles reduces down times and preparation times for new jobs drastically.

3D Embroidery

A reinforced chassis, extra strong springs and modified levers for perfect thread transport are just some of the components that enable perfect embroidery quality and heights of up to 8 mm in 3D embroidery.


The SPRINT 8's new Quick Change System enables  the quick and easy change between different applications such as cap, tubular applications or border frame. 

Application variety

The SPRINT 8 comes with the slimmest tubular arm in the industry. Combined with ZSK's shirt pocket and shoe frames it opens new fields of application.


ZSK embroidery machines functionally support networking in your company and can thus be optimally integrated into your workflow solution.

New Take-Up Lever

The machine is equipped with our new extended thread take-up lever which uses a higher amount of thread in the embroidery process. The benefit is a softer appearance in the embroidery pattern.

Improved Thread Tension

The clamping of the thread tension has an enlarged friction surface, which ensures a buttery smooth passage of the thread. The eyelets of the tension bar are aligned for an optimal thread run.

Quick Colour Change

Save yourself the trouble of sorting colours into needles for the optimal, time-saving colour change. ZSK colour change is a standard feature of SPRINT 8.

Reduced Noise Level

Small changes to the mechanics have a big impact: The noise level of SPRINT 8 during operation is considerably lower compared to other embroidery machines

Slim Tubular Arm

ZSK STICKMASCHINEN has developed the slimmest tubular arm for industrial embroidery machines. Many areas and products can now be processed easily and without complications that were previously difficult or impossible to access for embroidery.

Barcode Reader

With a barcode reader connected to the T8 via USB, barcode patterns can be loaded from a connected network and various control commands can be executed.

Thread Break Detection

With the help of the automatic thread break detection, a ZSK embroidery machine stops automatically if the upper or lower thread breaks or the thread runs out in the bobbin.


A slot for the standard RJ-45 network connector and three USB ports for other devices are available for communication, memory expansion and other functionalities.

Height Adjustable Presser Foot

Adjust the presser foot to the height of the embroidery material in order to achieve better embroidery quality.


The T8 works with Microsoft's network protocols and thus enables simple communication with connected company networks, digital workflow solutions or the ZSK operating data information system MY.ZSK.

Automatic Thread Tensioner

The automatic adjustment of the thread tension ensures a constantly optimized transport of the thread to the needle and thus enables high-quality embroidery.

Safety Feature Light Barrier (Optional)

A light barrier installed in front of the working area ensures greater work safety during embroidery. As soon as the operator enters this light barrier, the embroidery process is automatically stopped.

T8 Control Center

The intuitively and logically structured control and communication center for ZSK embroidery machines. The T8 interface can be displayed and operated in 14 different languages.


This machine was designed, constructed and manufactured in Germany for the requirements of the embroidery industry.


The T8 control unit offers integrated memory for approx. 80 million stitches and thus provides space for a large number of your frequently used embroidery designs.

Technical Data - Machine

Heads 1
Needles 18
Pantograph Travel max. [mm] 440
Max. Stitches Tubular / Flat [mm] 1200
Max. Stitches Cap [mm] 1000
Width [mm] 1250
Depth [mm] 957
Height including stand [mm] 1700
Power Supply [V] 230
Connected Load [Watt] 220
Net Mass [Kg] -

Technical Data - Embroidery Field

Width [mm] 460
Depth [mm] 310
Border Frame max. [mm] 460 x 310
Tubular max. [mm] 400 x 300
Cap 360 max. [mm] 360 x 70
Shoes max [mm] 124 x 175

What do you get from us?

We are the sole UK supplier for ZSK industrial embroidery machinery and equipment, therefore we really know our stuff with these machines. All of our technicians are fully trained at ZSK headquarters in Germany, by the developers themselves.

We offer unbeatable start-up packages for every customer, with every machine. Our wealth of knowledge, gathered over more than 45 years in the industry, provides each customer with the essential information they require to become successful on their embroidery venture.

If you are unsure of which machine is right for you, our friendly sales team are on hand to discuss your requirements, and offer the perfect machine to fulfil your needs. We will never intentionally sell you a machine that is not suitable for your requirements.

Free delivery, installation and training

We offer free delivery, installation and training on all of our machines. Our qualified technicians will aim to arrive with you in the morning with your new machine, install the machine in your desired location, and complete a full training course with up to a recommended amount of four persons.

Our technicians provide hands-on-training, which we believe is the most successful method of training, in the full operations of the machine, general maintenance of the machine and anything else you need to know to get you up and running. Our technicians will never leave you without your full confidence in running the machine, whether this happens after two hours or eight hours.


We offer our services nationwide at no extra charge! Our head office is based in Leeds, West Yorkshire. We also have a technician in Paisley, Scotland, and another technician based in London.

As we are spread across the UK Mainland, we guarantee that we will be able to get to you quicker than other competitors, no matter where you are based.

Warranty and support

All of our ZSK machines come with a 24 month on-site warranty. We are sure you won't need us in this time, however in case you do, our technicians will get to you as quickly as possible to get you back up and running. We offer telephone support with our technicians, who will always aim to get any problems fixed over the phone in the first instance, to prevent any unnecessary down time in your production.

Payment and trading in

We offer flexible business leasing finance packages, tailored to suit you, over two, three, four or five years, whether you are a new start business or an established business for over three years.

See our finance calculator tab to work out what this machine would cost you.

We also offer guaranteed buy-back and part exchange on all machines bought from us. If you find that your original machine is no longer fulfilling your production requirements, we will happily take the machine as part exchange against another machine.

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