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ZSK Wooden Frames

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ZSK Wooden Frames

For Tubular Mode

More than standard!

Today the majority of embroiderers prefer to use plastic frames for their productions. However it should be noted, that, compared to the huge volumes of jobs, only a very small number of standard plastic frames really matches the needs of the different embroidery tasks.

Opposed to this, wooden hoops are available in several not standardized dimensions. It is a standing rule that the more the dimension of a hoop fits to the embroidery design the merrier is the quality of the embroidery result.

More advantages of Wooden embroidery frames

  • Wooden frames offer a superior grip for thin and thick textiles and even slippy fabrics like satins or silks.
  • Wooden frames with double height provide additional surface to hold fabrics tautly.
  • Typically, wooden frame have longer adjusting screws. By that, he opening width of the outer wooden frame is much bigger than the opening width of a plastic frame. This characteristic simplifys the hooping of thick garments like winter coats etc,
  • Wooden frames offer a great variety regarding to the different aspects of embroidery, e.g. form and dimension of the embroidery design or the specific area, dimension and fabric of the apparel to be embroidered to.
Available frames:
  • 150mm round - embroidery area 128mm round (SKU 990.005.800)
  • 200mm round - embroidery area 178mm round (SKU 990.005.801)
  • 240mm round - embroidery area 218mm round (SKU 990.005.802)
  • 300mm round - embroidery area 278mm round (SKU 990.005.803)
  • 240 x 180mm rectangular - embroidery area 218mm x 158mm (SKU 990.005.804)
  • 290 x 200mm rectangular - embroidery area 268mm x 178mm (SKU 990.005.805)
  • 200 x 290mm rectangular - embroidery area 178mm x 268mm (SKU 990.005.806)
  • 335 x 215mm rectangular - embroidery area 313mm x 193mm (SKU 990.005.807)
  • 215 x 355mm rectangular - embroidery area 193mm x 333mm (SKU 990.005.811)
  • 280 x 345mm rectangular - embroidery area 258mm x 323mm (SKU 990.005.810)
  • 360 x 290mm rectangular - embroidery area 338mm x 268mm (SKU 990.005.808)
  • 420 x 300mm rectangular - embroidery area 398mm x 278mm (SKU 990.005.809)
  • 460 x 310mm rectangular - embroidery area 438mm x 288mm (SKU 990.005.812)

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