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Complett STEP 2

ComplettĀ STEP 2

Socks turner with integral electronic control

Main features

  • It easily turns all types of socks: from baby socks to heavy pantyhose, from terry socks to dress socks.
  • About 40 programmes for different types of socks are already installed.
  • Possibility of creating and memorising more than 100 customised programmes.
  • When changing the type of socks, it is no longer necessary to make any manual adjustments.
  • Simply choose the desired programme on the machine's display.
  • Thanks to their high yield, the step and brushless motors control all the turning functions separately, and drastically reduce the consumption of energy (50% less than traditional electromechanical motors).
  • Figures, speed and other turning functions can be easily programmed one by one thanks to the relevant icons shown on the touch screen display of the machine.
  • The "Cycle-Check" system (optional) automatically separates any unterned sock.

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