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Complett 232 DIGIMAX


Complett 232 DIGIMAX

Fully electronic sock toe closing machine

Main features

  • A new conception machine that exploits the "ALU-SPEED" technology: the new Complett patent on the movements of the sewing heads. Less friction, balanced, and reduced moving masses, and perfect lubrification allow to reach a higher speed. There is virtually no wear of the components.
  • An innovative study on the reduction in the overall dimensions and weights, that leads to a solution of the maximum compactness (new Complett patent) combined with the top-quality materials used in the manufacture of the machine.
  • Very low noise level: 70 decibel equal to the noise one would hear in an office.
  • The balanced movement of the "conveyor-transport" and the perfect stitch formation at any speed, assure major accuracy in the sock toe seam
  • The absence of vibrations, the noiseless operation, and the very low power consumption 140 watts (equivalent to the consumption of one bulb of household use) combined with high speed and seam quality make of the machine model 232 the ideal working place as far as performance, productivity and ergonomics are concerned
  • Standard speed 4.000 RPM
  • Four electronic independent motors control not only both sewing heads but also conveyor and transport. This allows maximum flexibility in settings, avoiding the need of mechanical interventions.
  • The microprocessor that features a touch screen display controls:
    • Reading and speed variation of the first and second sewing heads
    • Micro-switch alarms
    • Number of stitches per inch of the first and and second sewing heads
    • electronic selection of the transport speed
    • electronic selection of the conveyor speed
    • Multi-function sock-counter complete with:
      a four shift sock counter
      pre-selectable sock counter
      main sock counter with protection device
      "production per minute" indicator
  • "DIGI" integrated control system. The panel board allows to control both machine and sock turner STEP 2
  • 232 DIGIMAX is ready to be connected (on demand) to the sock turner with integral electronic control STEP 2
  • 232 DIGIMAX is ready to be equipped (on demand) with the following devices:
    • E.A.S. (ELECTRONIC ADJUSTMENT SYSTEM) that allows to memorise and reproduce with maximum ease:
      opening of the blades
      height of the conveyor
      adjustment of the knife
      height of the sewing heads
    • PROFILE SYSTEM (COMPLETT PATENT REGISTERED) that improves the seam quality and helps to eliminate the problem of the corners. The second sewing head follows the "curved" contour of the sock and stitches at two different heights.

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