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Complett 66-VD

Complett 66-VD

Gender with hooked needle from the inside

Main features

  • Hook needle from inside the crown with fitting the mesh from the right.
  • 1-thread chain, "101" type point
  • Brushless motor with speed variator up to a maximum of 1400 points / minute.
  • Very low power consumption (¬†115 watts¬†).
  • Predisposed for both single-phase and three-phase current.
  • Hourly or anti-clockwise rotation (on request).
  • Safety needle stop
  • Needle positioning system
  • New VD pallet.
  • New rotating platform with easy rotation
  • Revolving head
  • Stainless steel pins
  • Diameter of the very large crown mm 460
  • Interchangeable endings from 3 to 24
  • LED lamp (on request).
  • The exceptional point formation system (Comprehett patent) allows to fully exploit the high speed of the machine of 1400 rpm while using the most difficult yarns existing today such as cashmere, lambswool, filanca, nylon, lurex etc ...

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