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Complett 99 Varied

99 Varied

Complett 99 Varied

Gender with hooked needle from the outside

Main features

  • Programmable electronic voltage group with photocell that allows the selective application of yarn tensioning variations during the lacing operation. 
  • PHOTOCELL (DISABLED) reads the presence of the fabric and allows the selection of different tensions in "sewing" and in "vacuum chain". 
  • POSSIBILITY 3rd VOLTAGE (toggle or button operated) to sew the fabric with different tensions during the lacing operation. 
  • MEMORY 5 programs, each of which allows you to store 3 different voltages and 4 speeds. 
  • AGO-STOP FUNCTION you can select the "Needle Out" and "Needle Inside" stop. 

Technical Features:

  • Hook needle from the outside of the crown, with mounting of the shirt from the reverse.
  • Chain with 1 wire-point chain type 101.
  • Brushless motor with speed variator up to a maximum of 1400 points / minute.
  • Very low power consumption - 115 watts .
  • Clockwise or anticlockwise rotation (on request).
  • Large diameter 460mm crown.
  • 360 ° rotating head.
  • Interchangeable endings from 3 to 24.
  • Needle positioning system.
  • New VD pallet.
  • LED lamp (on request).

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