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ZSK related FAQ's

ZSK related FAQ's - FAQs

  1. What is the top speed of a ZSK embroidery machine?

    The speed of a ZSK embroidery machine is variable between models and the type of goods that you embroider.

    For instance a ZSK Sprint 6 & 7 machine will run at a top speed of 1200 stitches per minute (spm), but should we be embroidering football boots, we would run at 650 spm.

    It is not always the top speed you have to think about when purchasing a machine, it is to ensure we give you the correct information to guide you on your way. 

    Please call or email us for any further information.

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  2. What warranty is included with a ZSK embroidery machine?

    Our UK warranty covers all spares and repairs for 24 months.

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  3. Where about do you install ZSK embroidery machines?

    We deliver, install and provide training Nationwide across the UK Mainland and Ireland, free of charge.

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  4. What finance options are available on ZSK embroidery machines?

    ZSK embroidery machines are available with full finance packages covering new start and established business with packages available from 2 to 5 years subject to credit checks. 

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  5. What should I do if the part I require is not on the online shop?

    Please use our parts lists to source the part you require, and either call or email our office for price and availability.

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  6. Do ZSK embroidery machines come ready-to-go?

    Yes. ZSK embroidery machines are supplied with the thread of your choice, and set up to the garments that you will be embroidering.

    Each machine is tested and stitched off by our technicians before they leave our warehouse.

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  7. How long will a ZSK embroidery machine last?

    We do not have an exact life time expectancy for ZSK embroidery machines.

    Due to the quality that ZSK embroidery machines are built to, with well kept maintenance of the machine, a ZSK machine could last a life time.

    We have machines out there that are still working 24 hours per day that are 20+ years old!

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  8. What support do I get with my ZSK embroidery machine?

    On delivery of your machine you will be given full training by one of our qualified embroidery technicians. 

    We also offer Life Time Support for every ZSK embroidery machine. Should you require further training, we offer free training at our Leeds showroom.

    Also we are always on the end of the phone or mail when you need us.

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  9. How often does a ZSK embroidery machine need a service?

    We recommend a general service of your ZSK embroidery machine once every 24 months for a machine that works a standard shift pattern.

    Should your machine be running at or close to 24/7, we would recommend a more regular service every 12 months.

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  10. Which needles should I use with my ZSK embroidery machine?

    The DB X K5 embroidery needles are required for the ZSK embroidery machines.

    These are available in our online store.

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  11. What is the difference between the ZSK Sprint series and ZSK Racer Series?

    The ZSK Sprint series is a compact range, small and flexible enough for your business with the power of a ZSK within it. 

    The ZSK Racer series is a range of tubular garment embroidery machines with options of single head, or up to eight heads.

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