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Consumables related FAQ's

Consumables related FAQ's - FAQs

  1. How quickly can I receive my online order?

    All orders placed before 12 noon are despatched same-day, should all items ordered be in stock. If any items are out of stock, we will contact you to let you know, and advise a delivery date for your order.

    We can offer partial despatches of orders, however we may have to charge an extra shipping fee.

    Most orders are despatched on a standard next-day service with DPD LOCAL, or a two-day service for the Scottish Highlands, Northern Ireland and Channel Irelands.

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  2. Do you stock 5000 metre cones of thread?

    Yes, we now stock over 390 different colours of Isacord 5000 metre thread cones.

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  3. Which backing should I use if I require heavy weight backing?

    Our cut-away backing is a 60gm backing which is suitable for embroidery requiring more stability.

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  4. Which backing should I use if I require light weight backing?

    Our tear-away backing is a 40gm backing that is suitable as a light weight stabiliser.

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  5. What is water-soluble topping and how should I use it?

    Water soluble is a topping that dissolves in cold water.

    It would be used on textiles and garments that are fluffy or textures, such as fleece or towels. 

    The water soluble topping is used on top of your garment, so that the material does not appear through the embroidery, and then simply disolved in cold water to reveal perfect stitch quality.

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  6. What is the difference between tear away and cut away backing?

    Tear away backing is a lighter weight backing than cut away.

    Tear away backing can be torn away from the embroidered garment, where as cut away backing will need to be cut away with scissors.

    Tear away backing is suitable for standard materials and garments, such as t-shirts, polos, hoodies and other gaments that do not require as much stability. 

    Cut away backing is suitable for lightweight garments, such as sports wear, silk, lycra and other garments that require more stability.

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  7. Can I collect my online order same day?

    Yes. All orders placed before 12 noon will be ready for collection from our Leeds office after 2pm same-day.

    If your order has been placed after 12 noon, but you still require this for same-day collection, please call our office before hand and we will do our best to complete this for you.

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  8. Do metallic threads work the same as polyester or rayon threads?

    No. Every type of thread will work differently, so be sure to adjust the tension depending on the thread you use. For metallic threads, loosen the top tension knob and reduce the speed of your machine for better quality stitches.

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  9. How to I match an Isacord colour to a pantone colour?

    We have a 'Pantone to Isacord' conversion chart which can help to find the correct colour for a pantone reference.

    Should your pantone reference not be listed, it may be that there is not an exact match with the Isacord threads.

    We recommend purchasing a wound shade card, which can be found in the online shop, as this will help physically match the thread colour to your required colour.

    For any further information, please speak to one of our team.

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  10. How do I convert Madeira Rayon to ISACORD?

    We have a conversion sheet for Madeira Rayon to ISACORD embroidery threads, so switching your thread brand couldn't be easier.

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  11. What are the benefits of using magnetic pre-wound bobbins?

    The concept of bobbin thread on a magnetic core is relatively new.

    With standard bobbins, as they run down their reduced weight can create vibrations within the bobbin case. This can cause overspin and backlash, therefore thread breaks.

    A magnetic core holds the bobbin tight within the case, so eliminates this problem.

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  12. Which is the most recommended thread for embroidery?

    We recommend 100% polyester for all embroidery projects. Polyester thread is more durable and tends to leave less lint than rayon thread. We supply ISACORD 100% polyester embroidery thread, which is available in our shop.

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  13. How do I convert Madeira Polyneon to ISACORD?

    We have a conversion sheet for Madeira Polyneon to ISACORD embroidery threads, so switching your thread brand couldn't be easier.

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