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Brother related FAQ's

Brother related FAQ's - FAQs

  1. How do I know if the tension is correct?

    There is no default setting on the machine at this time. If the problem is on one needle, you can start by pulling the thread and feeling its tension. It shouldn’t be too tight or too loose. Check the needles that are functioning properly and try to mimic their tension. As you pull, you should be able to feel when problem needle has reached the same tension as the needles that are working well. Once you believe you have acquired a good standard tension, try an “I” tension test. During the “I” test, you should follow the one-third rule. Make sure you have one-third of bobbin thread in the middle and one-third of top thread on both sides. Generally, if you have fairly even columns, your tension should be correct.

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  2. How quickly can I have my new Brother embroidery machine installed?

    We hold our machines in stock, however previous bookings can hold us up slightly. Our usual turn around time is approximately 2 weeks from signed order.

    Should you require you machine sooner than this, please speak to our sales team and we will do everything we can to assist you.

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  3. What warranty comes with the Brother embroidery machines?

    All new Brother embroidery machines come with a 12 month on-site warranty.

    On used Brother embroidery machines, we may offer a warranty term with the machine, however this is dependant on machine model, age and quality, and is usually a return-to-base warranty only.

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  4. What support do I get with my Brother embroidery machine?

    You can call our office to speak to one of our technicians from 8.30am - 5pm (Mon - Thurs) and 8.30am - 4pm (Friday).

    We have video tutorials for most common faults and errors that you may experience.

    We are launching a new app that will be available for iOS and android, which will contain a weath of information leaflets, videos, parts books, operations manuals and useful tips and tricks, that will be exclusive to you when you purchase your machine from us.

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  5. Do I need previous embroidery experience to use a Brother embroidery machine?

    No. The Brother commercial embroidery machines are user friendly, and built with the first-time-embroiderer in mind. The machines come pre-loaded with useful information and tips about the functions of the machine.

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  6. What design format do the Brother embroidery machines read?

    PES. and DST. format

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  7. How much does the Brother 1500 hour service cost?

    £425.00 + VAT.

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  8. What is the largest embroidery area on the Brother embroidery machines?

    The Brother PR670e has a maximum embroidery area of 300mm x 200mm.

    The Brother PR1050x has a maximum embroidery area of 360mm x 200mm.

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  9. How do I complete the 500-hour mini service on my Brother embroidery machine?

    We will send you a video via email link which includes step by step instructions on how to complete the 500-hour mini service on your Brother embroidery machine.

    With all machines purchased from us, we will send you this absolutely free of charge (many other distributors will charge you a fee for this).

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  10. Can I see the Brother embroidery machines before I purchase?

    Yes. You can see our Brother embroidery machines at our showroom in Leeds (please call our office to book an appointment).

    We also travel the UK with the Print & Stitch Roadshows, showing our Brother embroidery machines in popular locations, making it even easier for you to see the machine before you purchase. Visit for more information and show dates.

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  11. What do I get with a Brother embroidery machine?

    As standard, you will get 4 standard tubular frames with each new Brother embroidery machine. The sizes of the frames are 60mm x 40mm, 100mm x 100mm, 180mm x 130mm and 300mm x 200mm.

    You will also receive a free embroidery starter pack, with Isacord embroidery threads and a sample range of our backings, toppings and bobbins; everything you'll need to get you going.

    Other accessories and consumables are available in our online shop.

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  12. What finance options are available with the Brother embroidery machines?

    We offer flexible business leasing and consumer finance options.

    Business Leasing is when you finance the machine against your business. This can be either a new-start business, or an established business. We offer this finance option over 2, 3, 4 and 5 year deals.

    Consumer Finance is a personal finance, when you finance the machine against you. We offer 0% insterest options over 12, 18 or 24 months, Buy Now Pay Later, or finance over 4 years with 14.9% APR.

    Please call our sales team for more information on finance options, and for information about finance on a used Brother embroidery machine.

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  13. How often do I need to service my Brother embroidery machine?

    We recommend the Brother embroidery machines are serviced after every 1500 hours worked. 

    Your machine will need to come into our warehouse at Leeds, as the service is a full 8-hour job, which includes the change of your motor, idle pulley and idle pulley shaft.

    Regular oiling of the machine and keeping function areas, such as the hook and underneath the tension points, will keep your machine running at its full potential until you require your main service.

    We also offer a free video tutorial for a mini 500-hour service, which can be completed yourself at your own premises with all of our machine purchases.

    You can book your machine in with us by calling 0113 242 9378.

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  14. Which needles should I use with my Brother embroidery machine?

    The Schmetz 130-705H-E needles are to be used for the Brother embroidery machines.

    These are available in our online store.

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