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ZSK Sequin Device LED


ZSK Sequin Device LED

The fusion of electronics and textiles. Is it the next big thing?

No, it’s already here. ZSK have specially developed an innovative functional sequin device (FSD).

As more and more e-textiles and smart wearables are entering the market every day, production demands are increasing.

Whether its integrated LEDs, sensors, or RFID chips, ZSK has the solution for automated placement and fixing of functional sequins. This removes the need for secondary application processes. Conductive paths for connecting the FS to other components can also be embroidered directly into the design.

Creating special effects with LEDs are a common use of functional sequins. LED’s are pre-mounted on sequin rolls which are sewn into the fabric structure during the embroidery process. Huge cost savings and increased production speeds can be achieved by automating the integration of functional sequins.

Available for left or right side.

Compatible with the SPRINT and RACER series.

We promise that all of our ZSK spare parts are genuine. Should you require a part that is not listed on our website, please call our office on 0113 2429378

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