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Durkopp Adler 581-121 CLASSIC


Double chainstitch eyelet buttonholes in classical perfection



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Durkopp Adler 581-121 CLASSIC

Automatic double chainstitch eyelet buttonholer - quick and easy

Field of application:

Buttonholes with or without gimp thread, with long thread ends for additional lockstitch tacking

Performance features:
  • Cutting length 8.0 - 38.0mm (according to sewing equipment)
  • Sewing speed max. 2,500 stitches/min

  • Long thread trimmer for looper thread and gimp thread for subsequent taking of the buttonhole
  • High-quality control system of DAC comfort and Machine-ID
  • Machine parameters can be copied by USB-flash drive
  • Saving of machine parameters in Machine-ID; all parameters are retained after changing the control box
  • Improved seam quality by optimised needle thread tension with a self-monitoring function
  • Use of long-life, electro-pneumatic valves, regional sourcing - e.g. Asia
  • Maximum versatility of use by means of supplementary kits (optional) for e.g. 'relief-type buttonholes with hand-made appearance', 'buttonholes in leather garments', 'buttonholes in poplin and gabardine' or 'buttonholes in knitwear'

581 Leaflet (8.74 MB)
581 Parts List (18.45 MB)