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Understanding Fabric: Baseball Caps

The baseball cap is a part of almost everyone’s wardrobe for one reason or another – they protect people of all ages from the sun, caps bought abroad remind us of holidays, and others wear them to make a fashion statement. They are an item of clothing that complements an everyday look, and a must-have on your toolbelt of services as an ...

Sewing vs. Embroidery: What's the Difference?

If you’re looking to learn more about the techniques involved in producing beautiful garments, it’s important that you’ve got a good understanding of the basics. While the words sewing and embroidery are often used interchangeably, there are important distinctions between them. Sewing and embroidery are similar in that both use the same ...

Understanding Fabric: Leather

Compared to many fabrics, such as cotton and polyester, leather is quite an expensive product. As such, you might be unlikely to be using leather in your business unless you’re a specialist in this material or looking to elevate the status of your products. An embossed logo crafted in leather, for example, may raise the value of your new line of ...

Understanding Fabric: T-Shirts | Embroidery Machinery

We all have a t-shirt in our wardrobe somewhere – with jeans they suggest a casual look, but a pair of nice trousers can quickly elevate the look to one of a sophisticated golfer. Outside of the home, t-shirts are also used in the workplace as uniforms in various occupations, from the office to construction sites. If your company creates or ...

What is the IoT and How Will It Affect Embroidery Machines?

Business is all about staying ahead of the curve, and the next curve is deemed to be the Internet of Things (IoT). If you haven’t yet heard about the IoT then this is your chance to better understand the steadily approaching future of business and manufacturing.


Top 6 Embroidery Hacks

6 Hacks for Embroiders A tailor’s job is never easy, but it’s usually rewarding. For those times when the thread catches, or the cat gets hold of your supplies, we’ve got the answer. In this blog we’ll be looking at how you can best augment your work and/or hobby with these nifty embroidery hacks. 1) Organisation – Great Stationary, ...

Four Famous Embroiderers

Four Talented and Forward-thinking Embroiderers When in need of inspiration for your next piece of embroidery, looking towards history’s best is sure to present you with some new options. In this blog we will cover the work of some very talented and forward-thinking embroiderers, such as May Morris and Meredith Woulnough, to help you think ...

Get Spooky this Halloween with Embroidery

Halloween Inspired Embroidery Ideas Halloween is fast approaching, and whilst this holiday is a joyous time for children and adults alike, the spooky season is also the perfect opportunity to get creative with your embroidery. There are so many wonderful and weird creations that can be born from this, the most spine-tingling spookiest of months...

Find Out About the History of the Sewing Machine

The History of Sewing Machines The sewing machine has proven itself to be an invaluable invention in various and businesses. Textile factories and clothing production lines are but two of the industries that have long relied on the unparalleled speed and accuracy of sewing machines. Large businesses understand how frequently these machines are ...

3 Benefits of Industrial Sewing Machines

Within the world of manufacturing, sewing machines play a huge role in meeting the sewing demands of industrial clothing production. Having been around for generations, they play an integral role in in the textiles industry. For any clothes manufacturing business, purchasing an industrial sewing machine is a valuable long-term investment. ...
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