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Which Sewing Machines Are Right For My Business

Which Sewing Machines Are Right For My Business

In this blog, we will take a closer look at the types of industrial sewing machines that we have available, highlighting which type is right for hobbyists, entrepreneurs, and established businesses.



Level 1 – Hobbyist

If the thought of fitting your family in your personal creations is something that fills your heart with joy, then you are a hobbyist in the sewing world. Often, hobbyists gain an extensive, almost professional bank of knowledge about their chosen passion and are willing to spend large amounts to extend their creative journeys.


If this is you, then the machine that you require will depend on your personal experience with sewing. An inexperienced sewer, for example, will not benefit from using a high-end machine with more controls than they know what to do with. For beginners, it is best to start second-hand and simple.

In almost all cases – the hobbyist will not require an industrial sewing machine, such as those we sell here – but there are exceptions.

Industrial sewing machines have plenty of benefits, but the main advantages are that they are safer, faster, and offer more customisation options. Most importantly, an industrial machine will provide its user with years of high-quality performance – something which experienced hobbyists come to appreciate.

An industrial machine should be much smoother to use than a domestic one. They are suitable for heavy daily usage, but inappropriate for transport due to their size. The size of an industrial machine often requires the hobbyist to dedicate a room of their home to become ‘the sewing room’. These machines can be extremely rewarding, but they are also a large investment and require serious consideration before purchase.

If you know an experienced hobbyist who is considering upsizing, they might enjoy reading our Beginner’s Guide to Industrial Sewing Machines. Alternatively, if you’ve done your reading and are ready to make a purchase, you can contact us to find out more about our recommendations for first-time buyers.


Level 2 – First Foray into Business

Some hobbyists take the plunge into changing their favourite hobbies into viable career options, and this is certainly possible in the sewing industry. If you are already sewing every day, then why not achieve your dream career by starting your own business?

If you’re serious about becoming an entrepreneur – and you should be, if you’re starting a business – then you will need a serious machine that can keep up with your demands.

The main difference between a hobbyist sewing addict and a small business is mindset. This means that you may need to fundamentally alter your view of sewing. You will no longer be creating projects for fun alone; you will need to be able to work to deadlines with the view of securing profit.

This means that upgrading your machine to cut down on time between projects can make a difference to your earnings. This means that an industrial sewing machine will be worth your investment.

We offer a range of industrial sewing machines suitable for entry level businesses. For more information on the best first machines for businesses, get in contact with a member of our friendly team.


Level 3 – Sewing Factory

If your business is at the top of its game, then you will be looking for a steady, trustworthy business partner who can supply you with advice equal to the machines it sells. We understand the sewing industry and can share what we know with you. We know that each business tackles unique challenges depending on its audience, and we have helped many experienced large businesses handle theirs over the decades.

Not only do we possess a deep understanding of the industry, we have access to machines that cannot be obtained anywhere else in the UK, making us a truly unique sewing machine supplier with over 40 years’ experience. If you’re looking for a new supplier of industrial sewing machines, we’re here to help.

As expert industrial sewing machine suppliers UK, we have a range of machines to help your business.