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Best Branding Techniques for Embroiderers – T-SHIRTS


As a professional embroiderer, you might be producing your own branded products, working as an embroidering agency for a range of brands, or perhaps a bit of both. If you or a client’s business depends on the success and recognition of a logo, then you need to consider the tips and tricks to getting designs recommended.

If you work as an agency embroidering clothing for other brands, show them that you’re an expert in the industry that they can trust; learn more about the best branding techniques and share them with your favourite business partners.

Below, we talk about the advantages of logo placement for t-shirts, and the difficulties experienced in embroidering certain products and areas, as well as fixes and tips for these issues.

Best Placements for T-Shirt Designs

T-shirts are a universal item of clothing owned by many people around the world. They are good for workwear, uniforms, and day-to-day fashion. For clothes, they have a lot of surface area, which means that there are a lot of options for logo placement.

You can read more about the materials used to create t-shirts and some tips for embroidering that material here: Understanding Fabric: T-Shirts.


The chest is a popular area for personalised designs and logos. For workwear, a t-shirt with an embroidered name tag for each worker, joined by the company’s logo, can be very effective. In situations where workers are interacting with the public, the name tag often catches attention, which means that displaying the logo next to it can be quite effective.

Aside from workwear, embroidered lapels may be popular with sports teams, school trips, and university communities looking to create a sense of community. These could be important targets for start-up businesses looking for more work, so it could be vital that you offer a high-quality lapel embroidery service.


The sleeve may not be quite as high-quality a space for advertising as the chest for a number of reasons. The first reason is that the logo or design may not be entirely viewable during face to face conversation. On the other hand, the slight obscuration may prompt the viewer of the design to engage more with the design out of curiosity, but at face value – the sleeve isn’t going to be seen as often as the chest area.

Secondly, if it is a t-shirt that is being embroidered, the sleeve could be easily obscured by a jacket or coat. When wearing a jacket or coat, an individual may not fasten the front so embroidering the chest would enable individuals to continue to display their design, whereas the sleeves will always be covered.

The exception to this rule in terms of embroidery for torso clothing would be hoodies and jackets themselves, as they are almost always going to be the outermost layer, and so their design will be visible until the wearer removes the item. In a country like Britain, where layered clothing is considered fashionable and functional, however, it is important to consider how the item will be worn when you’re planning to embroider a design a logo onto it.

Embroidering onto a sleeve also presents its own difficulties. You may need a specific Hoopmaster to embroider your sleeves, and extra care will need to be taken to ensure that your design is central on the sleeve.

You can watch the video below if you need help hooping your sleeves. The video will also help you to understand how to embroider your sleeves without a Hoopmaster, but you’ll quickly see that the Hoopmaster is a great investment and timesaver for embroiderers looking to create an efficient business.


Like the sleeves, the back of a t-shirt may be covered by a hoodie or coat in cold weather, but unlike the sleeves, the back has a lot of usable space and can be the perfect space for a big design that can be seen from a distance.

While a lapel embroidery is most likely to be seen during face to face conversation – and is therefore good for workers who often engage in conversation with customers and the public – the back is, by contrast, quite unsociable. A back embroidery can only be admired when the individual is turned away from the viewer, but the possibility for a larger design could mean that it would be more memorable by those who do see it – important if you’re trying to raise brand awareness.

If you are embroidering a large pattern on the back of a t-shirt, you will need to choose your backing carefully as it will need to be comfortable against the wearer’s skin. This is especially important for larger designs, as the skin will be in contact with the fabric over a large area, so irritation needs to be avoided if you want to create a good reputation for your products.

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