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Strobel VEB100-2



The VEB100-2 also scans transverse seams so that they are sewn without marking. This allows the most flexible use in high-quality ladies' and men's clothing.

Strobel VEB100-2

Single thread blindstitch

The VEB100 series is the entry into the legendary Strobelwelt, developed and manufactured in Bavaria by the blindstitch expert.

We take it with the VEB100 so accurate that some consider it hair splitting. And you're right, because your puncture is so precise that you could split with your hair.

All machines of the VEB100 series have this in common:

  • A particularly large passage allows comfortable sewing, even with difficult to reach seam layers.
  • Precision sewing kinematics that do not hit the limits of elastic and ultrafine fabrics.
  • Highest productivity with up to 3000 stitches / min.
  • Perfect straight-line stability, even at high speeds