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Schmetz 134 SD1 Size 100 Pack of 10 Needles

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Schmetz 134 SD1 Size 100 Pack of 10 Needle

Round Point with small triangular tip "SD1" or "TRI TIP"

This round point with a very small triangular incision cuts approx. 10 % of the stitch hole, 90 % is displaced by the conical round point "R". The result is a straight seam and a tidy seam appearance. The incision is smaller than with a cutting point.


  • Fine leather
  • Clothing made of leather and imitation leather
  • Thin, synthetic leather materials
  • Materials coated with PVC/PUR, e.g. tarpaulins, tents, coated table cloths


  • Leather
  • Plastic
  • Hard fibers
  • Films


  • The stitch appearance remains the same in all sewing directions when using multi-directional sewing techniques (programmable sewing machines).

For precision sewing of fine leather or faux leather, plastic foils and other “difficult materials”, the "SD1" – round point with small triangular tip – was developed. This point shape constitutes a compromise between a cutting point and a round point (displacement point). The small triangular cutting point at the extreme tip easily pierces the material (around 10 % to 15 %); the remaining 90 % is then opened up using the displacement principle of the round points. The result is a more accurate stitch placement and lower needle deflection than with use of a round point, plus a smaller incision than with use of a cutting point; in short, a straight, neat seam. A stitch density of around six to eight stitches/centimeter can be used.

Sold in packs of 10.