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Schmetz 134 PCL Size 65 Pack of 10 Needles

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Schmetz 134 PCL Size 65 Pack of 10 Needle

Narrow Wedge Point "P" or "NW", "PCL" and "PCR"

By using this cutting point, you create a lenticular incision that is made at right angles to the seam direction. The result is a seam with high strength. Needles with the narrow wedge point "PCL" have a left twist groove below the eye for hooks positioned to the right of the needle. Accordingly, "PCR" has a right twist groove below the eye for hooks positioned to the left of the needle. It is particularly useful as the lefthand needle on the twin needle lockstitch machine.


  • Suitable for all types of leather


  • Footwear
  • Bags, suitcases, accessories
  • Car seats


  • The twist ensures that, when the needle emerges from the material being sewn, the thread is protected in the twist groove and is thus not drawn over the edge of the groove and ye or over the cutting edge and not damaged.

Seams that are subject to great strain – thinking for example of the heel seam on shoes – require very closely spaced stitches. This requirement is fulfilled by needles which cut the material crosswise to the seam direction, which allows sufficient distance to be maintained between the individual stitches to avoid the risk of stitch holes meeting one another and causing perforation of the material at these points. For this purpose, the most successful choice will always be a "P" needle and its innovative variants "PCL" and "PCR". In all three cases, these are points with a lens shaped cutting point.

The special feature of the needles "PCL" and "PCR" is the point groove below the eye twisting to the left ("PCL") or right ("PCR") side. This gives the thread more room and protects it from being squeezed over the edges of the groove or the eye, or against the cutting edge. Particularly when sewing strong, hard leather it is therefore wise to resort to a twisted point groove needle; whether to use a "PCL" or "PCR" is determined by the direction from which the hook takes the thread. In needles threaded from left to right, a "PCL" must always be used. An additional advantage of the "P" range is that the small stitch lengths result in a very fine seam with a string-of-pearls effect which – used as a visible seam – is very decorative.

Sold in packs of 10.