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Schmetz 134 DI Size 90 Pack of 10 Needles

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Schmetz 134 DI Size 90 Pack of 10 Needle

Diamond Point "DI" or "DIA"

If you are using the "DI" point, you will obtain a rhombic incision. The centered incision is made in the seam direction. The seam appearance corresponds to that of the narrow cross point "S", however, the four cutting edges of the "DI" point allow easier penetration of heavy, hard materials. The result is a very straight, recessed seam.


  • Suitable for hard, dry leather


  • Footwear
  • Bags, suitcases


  • Absolutely precise and tidy seam appearance
  • Precise stitch appearance
  • No needle deflection

When hard, dry, thick types of leather must be sewn and there are comparable requirements for seam appearance, the use of the "DI" point is recommended. This cutting point shape, in contrast to the lens shaped "S" point, has a rhombic point which gives even greater cutting effect. It produces a centered and exact incision into the material and an absolutely neat and accurate seam appearance.

Sold in packs of 10.