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HoopMaster Mighty Hoop® 4.25" x 13" HORIZONTAL Frame

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HoopMaster Mighty Hoop® 4.25” x 13" Frame
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Mighty Hoop Bracket
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We only stock Brother PR and ZSK brackets for the Mighty Hoop frames. Any brackets ordered for other machine brands are special order and may take 7-10 working days for delivery.

*IMPORTANT* please check the correct head distance of your machine before ordering brackets. Brackets ordered incorrectly are non-returnable.

HoopMaster Mighty Hoop® 4.25” x 13" Frame

To be used with your HoopMaster System. The Adjustable Fixture is required with this frame

Clamp over zips, velcro, buttons and more with strong magents.

4.25" x 13" / 108mm x 330mm

Brother PR Series embroidery users please note that on the PR600, PR600 II, PR620, PR620 II, PR650, PR650e, PR655 and PR670e models, the maximum embroidery area is 300mm x 200mm, therefore the full width of this frame (330mm) will not be able to be used, however the frame will still fit on the machine. The full embroidery area can be used on PR series 10-needle machines (PR1000, PR1000e, PR1050x and PR1055x)

When using this frame on a ZSK SPRINT machine, you must use the Tubular System Extender (part number 360.008.915)

This machine will only fit on multi-head machines part of the ZSK RACER W and WL series (with 495mm head distance). It will not be compatible with any ZSK RACER S or SL series machines (with only 400mm head distance)

Mighty Hoops contain very strong magnets, if you have any type of medical device that can be affected by magnets, please consult your physician before ordering. By ordering you agree that you have read and understand the warnings posted at this link. Magnet Warnings


    Sewing Field (mm)

    Actual MM

    6.25 x 8.25
    8 x 9
    9 x 5

    10 x 10

    8 x 13

    11 x 13

    12 x 11

    12 x 15
    13 x 16

    SWF 360 352 x x        
        388 x x        
        392 x x        
        448 x x x x    
      500 494 x x x x   x
        498 x x x x   x
        502 x x x x    
    Barudan QS 380 375 x x        
      450 444 x x x x    
      520 514 x x x x   x
    Barudan EFP 380 371 x x        
      520 513 x x x x   x
    Happy 360 357 x x        
      450 445   x x x    
      500 495 x x x x   x
      520 514 x x x x   x
    ZSK 400 394 x x     x  
      495 491   x x x x
    Tajima-Toyota 360 355 x x        
      460 452 x   x x    
      500 494 x x x x   x
      600 603       x   x
    Melco 400 394 x x        
      475 475 x x x x    
        589 x         x
    Brother Ind. 360 351 x x x      
      500 489   x x x    
      600 586           x
    Brother PR600   462 x   x*      
    Brother PR1000   499 x   x*      
    x = can be made but rare