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Groz Beckert DB X K5 FFG/SES Size 80 Pack of 10

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Groz Beckert DB X K5 FFG/SES Size 80 Pack of 10 Needles

Light ball point needles for ZSK embroidery machines.

With todays machines in the field of single and multihead embroidery there is no limit to creativity. This is also the reason why during the past years the variety of different embroidery materials has increased rapidly.

Especially three-dimensional embroidery, embroidery on leather and technical textiles with different layers of material and coatings, combined with high machine speeds, is in many cases an extreme challenge for the embroidery machine needle. In design and precision Groz-Beckert embroidery machine needles have adopted the requirements of the market.

Market requirements are:

  • Optimum embroidery appearance 
  • High functional safety 
  • Reduced needle breakage 
  • Reduced thread breakage 
  • Reduced machine downtime 
  • High production efficiency

The light ball point displaces woven and knitted threads, directly piercing the spaces and avoiding damage to the material.


  • Fine to medium knitwear
  • Light denim materials
  • Light, densley woven materials
  • Medium to heavy woven fabric
  • Laminated materials
  • Particularly suitable for jersey and sports vests
Sold in packs of 10