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Technical Embroidery Solutions

We have the experience and technology to supply options for all ZSK Technical Embroidery Systems to guarantees a significant degree of automation

1. Active fiber and wire and feed systems

We offer two supply systems, which can be installed on each laying head.
Our supply systems can take wire or fiber rolls up to 10kg.

2. Automatic unwinding function

ZSK have the advantage to supply fibers and wires from large rolls allowing materials to be guided to the zigzag layer by pipes.
Together with the ZSK automatic unwinding system, we offer a solution for 360 degrees projects.

3. Seamless change of different Medias

With our automatic system, we can change between two different Medias like wires or fibers in a fully automatic system (Patent pending)

4. Pneumatically controlled media trimmer

Our powerful pneumatic trimming system cuts all kind of fibers and even strong wires.

5. Wire penetration detection system

Should the needle the system will stop and indicate the affected laying head hit a pre laid wire.
Allowing the operator to note the defected area for inspection.

6. Fast fiber laying

When laying large objects a fiber laying speed of up to 5m per minute can be achieved

7. Carbon protection for electronics

All electronic devices within the ZSK technical embroidery machine are protected against carbon residue.

8. Pneumatically controlled clamping and stretching system

Our pneumatically flat designed clamping and stretching system creates a stable structure for the laying of fibers and wires.

9. Automatically controlled pull through system

Within the ZSK system, materials are automatically pulled through from roll to roll. This system is available for all one head laying systems.

  • Automatic back to front pull through system up to 140 cm (woven, non-woven, foils).
  • With full left to right and back to front control the pneumatic system will allow fluid movement of carrier fabric.
  • With unlimited wire, the length of the carrier material only limits laying movement the design.
  • With the fluid movement of the transportation system, designs can be achieved with start and end of a wire one point for easy connection.

10. Semi automatically controlled carrier transport system

Should it be desired for the project to have a multi laying head system, ZSK Technical Embroidery Systems can lay with up to 11 laying heads.
When using this system carrier material is pulled through from left to right.

11. Automatic bobbin changer

When controlling large designs it is imperative for the system to stay stable and constant.
ZSK Technical Embroidery machines can be equipped with a magazine for seven full and one empty bobbin for up to 8 hours of running time.