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Technical Embroidery Machines

ZSK Technical Embroidery Systems offer new and innovative techniques of fixing and laying different media on textiles and other material.

For accurate and efficient fixings through embroidery processes ZSK have the solutions required for todays ever developing textile market. Media such as Fibres, Wires, Flexible tubes and optical fibers can be layed. Leading in the Field of Technical embroidery we have the Knowledge of products from Polyamid, Polyester, PPS Aramid through to yarns with Steel Cores we have the experience and knowledge to drive you and your projects forward.

Automation at the Highest Level

When considering process for laying fibers ZSK's Technical Embroidery Systems have a substantial advantage against weaving, knitting or even braiding.

Embroidery is an absolutely free and flexible way of laying of media at a 2-dimensional level.

Embroidery laying is limited only by the physical characteristic of the media.

Why Technical Embroidery?

Higher production and efficiency can be achieved with ZSK’s advanced automation techniques.

A reduction of labour costs with an increase in production can be seen from the very start of our installation processes.


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