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Coloreel - One thread, endless colours


Unlock a world of potential with instant thread colouring on-demand with just one needle!

The Coloreel Unit colours white embroidery thread specifically to your colour requirements to create effective and unique embroidery, that has never been possible with standard coloured embroidery threads.

With Coloreel, any specific color or color gradient can be created according to the customer's needs, accurately and efficiently from any digitizing software.

We are now an authorised sales partner of Coloreel!

We can offer Coloreel units for the ZSK embroidery machines, opening up new possibilities of creative design for machine embroidery with revolutionary technology for the right embroidery thread colour on demand!


New creative designs possibilities with Coloreel

Set your creativity free with Coloreel's instant thread colouring technology to create unique embroideries with thousands of colours. 

CMYK, PMS and Pantone compatible. Coloreel allows you to create designs with exclusive special effects such as vivid multi-point gradients, noise and stripes never seen before!

Gradient Effects

Produce gradient effects without limits, which would usually be impossible with single colour embroidery threads.

Any Colour Any Time

Don't waste production time changing thread colours over on your machine, or be limited to the amount of needles your machine has. Embroidery thousands of colours on one single needle.

Creative use of Gradients and Stripes

Endless possibilities for unique designs with special effects and techniques.



Create unique colour gradients through embroidery, which has never been possible before


Embroider stripes without trimming or changing needle

Textured surfaces

Add texture to your designs easily with Coloreel

Combine techniques

Add colour, gradient and textures to your embroidery without compromise.


The Coloreel colouring process

What do you get from Coloreel?

The Coloreel ITCU

The Instant Thread Coloring Unit (ITCU) is where the magic happens.

Thread goes into the unit for ink jet dyeing and feeds out into the embroidery machine for perfect colours whilst embroidering.

The ITCU can be combined with any ZSK single or multi-head embroidery machine.

Coloreel Studio

Coloreel Studio is Coloreel's free software for customising designs and adding unique colour.

Import embroidery designs from any digitizing software and begin adding colour.

The software works similar to video editing software. Simply add colour to the timeline segments with easy to use drag-and-drop functions.

Service & Consumables

Coloreel have a dedicated in-house team that can offer design & digitizing services to support you.

Instant on-site and remote access to regular maintenance or urgent service and support from Coloreel direct.

Browse a comprehensive range of consumables such as recycled thread, ink, lubrication etc.