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Let's Embroider Together: A Beginner's Guide

If you are someone who is fascinated with the world of embroidery and wishes to start the embroidery journey, we will help you dive into the world of embroidery.This comprehensive guide will walk you through the basics of using an embroidery machine and turning your creative visions into beautifully stitched realities. It may sound a bit tricky at ...

Spotlight On: Brother Commercial Embroidery Machines

In the first in our new series of blogs, "Spotlight On:" we will be taking a closer look at the brands and machines we supply at Stocks. We take pride in providing only the best technology and devices for our customers from brands we know and trust. This week we will be introducing Brother and their two Brother embroidery machines, the PR680W and ...

Embroidery vs Vinyl – What's The Difference?

Embroidery and vinyl are two ways of adding decoration to otherwise plain fabrics, but what's the difference between them is? Please read on to learn more...

The Dos and Don'ts of Digitising in Embroidery

As technology continues to evolve, digital tools are used in more and more applications. For example, embroidery digitising is a relatively new concept. Technology now allows us to create artwork in a digital format, which is then used in tandem with industrial embroidery machines to form the needle's path and make the design a reality. With most ...

How to Choose the Right Industrial Sewing Machine for Your Needs

The Difference Between an Industrial and Hobbyist Sewing Machine Industrial sewing machine parts are made of more durable materials such as metal compared to hobbyist machines. They are designed to last longer and withstand greater load capacity and operational times. They are also built to sew with much higher stitch rates meaning faster and ...

Types of Sewing Needles

Choosing the correct type of needle for your industrial sewing machine can be a daunting task. Different makes and models of machines require specific needles, and the kind of fabric or application will determine which type of needle is suitable for the job. Without proper knowledge and experience, determining which needle you need for your machine...

The Benefits of Embroidery

When creating designs for clothing, you will face the choice of how to place this design on the item of clothing. You may consider printing with methods such as sublimation printing, but one of the most popular methods is embroidery. So what are the benefits of embroidery and why should you consider using it for creating designs? The ...

How to Prevent Embroidery Puckering

There are a number of issues that can occur when using an embroidery machine, such as puckering. Puckering refers to the bunching or gathering of fabric near embroidery stitches that happens when the material is moved around during embroidery. It stops the fabric from lying flat so you see the folds, and it can give the finished product a bumpy ...

Understanding Fabric: Jeans

Everyone has a pair of jeans that they just love. Whether it’s the classic blue jean or the black skinny jeans, these trousers are a popular feature in everyone’s drawers and one of the most popular materials worldwide. Jeans are so ingrained in the fabric of our lives that it’s difficult to imagine a time when they didn’t exist. They were...

How Did the Sewing Machine Impact the Industrial Revolution?

The Industrial Revolution saw the transformation of the manufacturing processes in Europe and the US from around 1760 to the mid-19th century. It saw the transition from hand production methods to machines, chemical manufacturing and iron production processes, and an increase in steam and water power. Machine tools were developed, and we saw the ...
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