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Choosing the Right Embroidery Machine for Your Business: Single-head vs. multi-head embroidery machines


Embroidery has been practised all around the world for many, many years. Initially an art form, embroidery has now become a big industry. It has been evolving year after year and now with the advancement in technology, embroidery has gone from people stitching by hand to machinery stitching in a matter of seconds. Not only this but there are many types of embroidery machines available. Here, in this blog, we will talk about the two most common types of embroidery machines and their key differences:

  1. Single-head embroidery machine:

    As the name suggests, these machines have only one head, meaning it can stitch on one garment at a time. Different models of single head machines have different features, including the amount of needles available and the size of the embroidery field. These machines are perfect for one-off items or individual personalisation.

    single head embroidery machine
  2. Multi-head embroidery machine:

    These machines are capable of embroidering on multiple garments simultaneously. Multi-head machines are ideal for large volume production such as schoolwear and workwear.

    multi head embroidery machine


  • Design complexity: Single-head machines are better suited for complex designs and customisation, while multi-head machines are efficient for large volume production as they can output a higher quantity of work in the same timescale to that of a single-head machine.
  • Production Capacity: Single-head machines generally have a slower output compared to multi-head machines because they work on one garment at a time. On the contrary, multi-head machines work at a faster output rate due to their ability to work on multiple garments simultaneously.
  • Setup and Space Requirement: While single-head machines are compact and require less space, multi-head machines require more space and a more elaborate setup.
  • Cost: Multi-head machines are more expensive due to their increased capabilities and complexity, and single-head machines are more affordable, making them a good choice for small businesses to hobbyists.

Now that you know about the two main types of embroidery machines, if you wish to buy either of these, you can browse through the collection of ZSK embroidery machines. ZSK industrial embroidery machines are of many types, here we have mentioned about ZSK’s single-head machines or the SPRINT Series as it is named by the brand and ZSK’s multi-head machines or the RACER Series as is named by the brand.

ZSK’s SPRINT single-head embroidery machines:

ZSK's single-head embroidery machines in the SPRINT series are powerful and versatile, catering to various businesses. These machines, equipped with a slender tubular arm, handle intricate tasks like embroidering shirt pockets and shoes. They also eliminate textile damage during manufacturing without the use of the 'picker' on the front. The SPRINT series offers expert embroidery quality and can be customized with additional devices and frames to meet your business needs, ensuring both you and your customers benefit from these machines.

ZSK RACER Multi Head Embroidery Machines:

The ZSK RACER multi-head embroidery machine series is a global standard-setter for tubular embroidery machines. These German-engineered machines work round the clock, delivering precise embroidery and flexibility for your business needs. Perfect for high-demand orders, fast design changes, and various textiles, the RACER series excels in promotional, corporate, and clubwear applications. Invest in ZSK RACER for increased productivity, longevity and boost your company's output potential today.

Choose the machine depending on your needs and let your business soar high with ZSK industrial embroidery machines.

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