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ZSK Embroidery Machines

Made in Germany...
Embroidery with the plus factor

Whether you are starting a new business, or add further machines to your existing company, the purchase of an industrial embroidery machine is a very important decision. Quality, reliability, service and resale value are important factors.

As a ZSK customer, you can build on high performance, quality, a large variety of accessories, ease-of-use and first class service. ZSK manufactures embroidery machines with a long life time guaranteed. In order to guarantee utmost durability and use of the machines, ZSK have established a premium after-sales-service network that provides you with spare parts much longer than a seller's warranty requires.

Single Head Embroidery
Though small in size, these powerful single head workhorses are built to the same standards and specifications as ZSK's high volume, production intensive multi-head embroidery machines.
2 Head Embroidery
Faster production runs, more consistent stitching, higher design quality and reduced setup times makes ZSK industrial embroidery machines the most efficient and reliable embroidery equipment in the world today.
4 Head Embroidery
ZSK's 4 head embroidery machine includes large space between heads to make it easy to embroider large, bulky objects.
6 Head Embroidery
The ZSK 6 head embroidery machine is the most popular when choosing a multi-head machine, that not only fits well in smaller work spaces but produces the highest quality proved by ZSK embroidery machines.
8 Head Embroidery
Look no further than the 8 head embroidery machine for production offering full versatility. The 8 head embroidery machines are small enough to handle small runs but large enough to tackle jobs of any size.
Flat System Embroidery
ZSK flat system embroidery machines are perfect for large scale embroidery. Starting from 1 head to 56 heads, the possibilities are endless.
Special Embroidery
  ZSK special embroidery machines provide an excellent basis to achieve superior embroidery designs. Create wonderful designs with ribbons, cords and fancy yarns to add that extra detail to your embroidery.
Technical Embroidery
Fixing through embroidery is one of the most accurate and efficient production methods. ZSK technical embroidery systems are for laying wires and fibres.
Used Machines
We take used & second hand machines as part exchange against new ones, give them a bit of loving and attention and re-release them back into the market.

ZSK Embroidery Machines