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ZSK Machines for Fibres and Wires

ZSK Technical Embroidery Systems offer new and innovative techniques of fixing and laying different media on textiles and other material.

JCW 0100-500 (700) JGW 0100-650 SKW (700) SGW 0100-1375 (1200)
No. of laying heads 1 1 1
Head distance - - -
Fabric feeding direction 1 x back to front 1 x back to front 1 x back to front
Fabric feeding system semi-automatic automatic automatic
Max. laying depth 600mm 600mm - multiple 600mm - multiple
Max. laying width 450mm 670mm 1200mm
Max. fabric width 620mm 820mm 1400mm
Max frame traveling l/r 450mm 670mm 1375mm
Machine net size l/w 1600mm x 1800mm 1600mm x 1800mm 4100mm x 3800mm

Extra deep working field: ZCW 0800-900D 2000

ZCW 0800-900D 1500

ZCW 0400-1800 (1500) YCW 0600-1180 (1500) ZCW 0800-900D (1500)
No. of laying heads 4 6 8
Head distance 1800mm 1180mm 900mm
Fabric feeding direction left to right 6 x back to front left to right
Fabric feeding system semi-automatic automatic semi-automatic
Max. laying depth 1200mm 1400mm 1200mm
Max. laying width 4 x 1800mm 6 x 700mm 8 x 900mm / 4 x 1800mm
Max. fabric width 1400mm 6 x 900mm 1400mm
Max frame traveling l/r 2150mm 700mm 2150mm
Machine net size l/w 13000mm x 3500mm 8900mm x 3600mm 13000mm x 3500mm