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Automotive Machines

Automotive Solutions - With Refinement

Cars, motor homes, boats or airplanes – since decades, embroidery technology adds a refined touch to their interior by placing logos on headrests and carpets. As our ZSK embroidery machines have developed over time, they are now capable to fulfill growing requirements of the automotive sector, e.g. embroidering yarns thicker than size 30. Equipped with the right tools, our high quality embroidery machines are today able to embroider yarns up to size 10, where the most popular sewing yarn would typically have size 20. For mass production, embroidery machines offer the additional benefit of being available in a variety of head numbers and therefore allow to reduce cycle times. We create solutions in this field where one head can have an area of up to 1300 x 2000 mm.


ZSK Vision System

With our Vision System the combination of quilting, embroidery and perforation in one design becomes an easy task. It can be installed on our ZSK single head embroidery machines. These machines are the only option to overcome the obstacle that every part has slightly different tolerances and is therefore unique. Our servo-controlled CNC machines can be programmed using the EPCwin CAD system. The system can load .dxf files and create both the sewing file as well as the ZEPL file to control the camera system. Tolerances that exist due to previous processes as well as shrinkage during the embroidery process can be overcome using our Vision System. It checks the actual position of the perforation holes during the embroidery process and can adjust the embroidery file to compensate tolerances, shrinkage or linear elongation. This means: perfect results without further actions.

Thick Yarn Embroidery

Combining yarns from size 40 up to size 10 in one design – this is possible with our embroidery machines. To embroider thick sewing yarns, you can install the optional Automotive Setup. Moreover, we offer special tension cases with suitable and sufficient tensions for thicker bobbin yarns. Using Groz-Beckert DH type needles allows our embroidery machines to achieve a perfect stitch quality in any direction. The innovative solution of the optional Auto Select Bobbin Changer allows automating production of designs combining thick and thin embroidery thread in one design. The advanced version of our bobbin changer knows exactly which yarn is used on which needle and will choose the right bobbin for the right needle. Beside using a thicker bobbin yarn for thicker yarns, this system allows to match colours of upper and bobbin yarn or to combine a conductive upper and bobbin yarn.

Acheiving 3D Looks

Our ZSK Atelier staff has a high level of experience and supports you – whether in making the right decision for foams and backings or in creating unique designs. When the process allows lamination during the embroidery process, embroidery machines are a solution for 3D looks. The first process would involve placing the foam into the embroidery machine and stitching down certain areas of the foam

Embellishment of Piping Cords

You are looking for a solution to stich on cords prior to assembly? Depending on dimensions of piping cords, either our Roll2Basket or our Roll2Roll system is suitable for these applications. For our embroidery machines the material of the cords, whether artificial material, fabrics or leather, makes no difference. The system allows fully automated embroidery on a roll of material.

Combining Thick and Thin Yarn

Designers are always on the search for new trends and capabilities. We support renowned brands with solutions that combine thin and thick thread in a single design. The thin thread can not only be used to create lettering, logos and family crests, but can add details to quilted sewinglines. Using our Auto Select Bobbin Changer, the machines automatically make sure is they are using suitable bobbin yarns for thin and thick thread without any operator intervention. Using a 24 needle machines enable designs to combine e.g. twelve colours of thick (sewing) yarns and twelve colours of thin (embroidery) yarns. For using sewing yarns, you can equip our embroidery machines with the optional Automotive Setup. The maximum stitch length is 12 mm. All of our ZSK machines are equipped with automatic thread trimmers and thread breakage observation.

Material Holders

To avoid shrinkage during the embroidery process or displacement of the design, the material should be placed into a material holder. For one off production the use of a standard border frame and fixture of the material on a backing is typically sufficient. At the latest when the requirement includes very small tolerances or precise placement of embroidery around perforated holes, a material holder becomes necessary. Material holders allow an increased efficiency in the production process, as time consuming placement of the work piece is no longer required.

Using material holders can simplify the overall process as it enables the usage of cut to size parts. Our ZSK Engineering offers the complete solution including MDF board or aluminum frames.

Supporting Workflow

All of our embroidery machines are ready for networking. The T8-2 control unit is equipped with one network plug. Connecting the embroidery machines to a company network, the machine is capable to load the designs straight from the server. Designs can be loaded via a barcode scanner. Suitable barcodes can be printed on the production sheets. Barcodes offer more than just loading a designs: The scans help to control commands of the embroidery machines.

Status lights show the current status of the machines. When our ZSK’s Industry 4.0 solution My.ZSK is used, the machines are capable to send an e-mail in case of stoppages i.e. due to a thread break. My.ZSK is not only able to collect production data, but it can analyse production data and provide reports. When using the My.ZSK server version, production data can be used by other systems (i.e. integration into ERP systems).

Latest technology allows to connect further sensors (i.e. to monitor temperature, humidity, energy consumption etc.) to the machine and to include this information into My.ZSK reports. An additional touchscreen My.ZSK display can be attached to the control unit to either display status information or to allow the operator to enter additional information. Machine operators can log in or log out by using RFID tokens to monitor their achievements.

Desired Functionality in Designs

Imagine, embroidery machines can be responsible of heated seats. Imagine, embroidery machines can embroider functional buttons. Imagine, embroidery machines can stitch conductive circuits and much more. Technical embroidery technology opens new functionality in seating solutions. Automated laying and fixing heating wires is a renowned application of our laying machines. Using conductive embroidery yarns, embroidery machines can stitch flexible capacitive sensors, place electronics and LEDs or connect electronics to a circuit. For instance, we created a future dashboard where all circuits and sensors below the leather surface are embroidered. Our ZSK Functional Sequin Device has placed the LED lights.

Our machines are not only capable to embroider such products onto a base material, but extend the offering by suitable electronics. Our engineers in the ZSK Atelier advise you during the product development phase.

You are interested to learn more about this field? Please contact our specialists in the Technical Embroidery Department.

Multi Colour Design

With our embroidery machines you have the choice – select 6, 9, 12, 18 or 24 colours. The advantage to you: There is no longer need for sewing equipment and a manual change of yarns to achieve several colors. When using our ZSK RACER 1XL or RACER 2XL, each embroidery head offers the opportunity to use 24 different colours. Using our Workflow Technology, the operator can scan the yarn cones and the machine knows which colour is on which needle. By scanning designs as a barcode, operator errors are avoided.