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Turn Charity Store Bargains Into a Business with an Industrial Sewing Machine


If you’ve ever been to a charity shop, then you’ve seen the masses of clothes they have on offer for next to nothing. Why not turn oversized trousers, tops and dresses, which are often made from quality material, into brand new items?

You wouldn’t be the first to give this a try. One look at popular online stores like Etsy, Asos Marketplace or Ebay will show you a whole host of creative people making money by selling refurbished clothes. These products aren’t too difficult to sew, and you can make the whole process 10 times easier with an industrial sewing machine.

Below are some of our favourite ideas for charity shop refurbs:

1. Turn massive dresses into cute pinafore dresses

When you're out searching for bargains, you’re bound to come across a load of oversized dresses in amazing colours and fabrics. Why not try picking some up and refurbishing them into pinafore dresses and create a gorgeous transformation.

2. Transform Your Jeans Into denim shorts

It’s simple, easy to do and people will snap them up quick! You can pick yourself up a large supply of cheap jeans from a charity shop, which you can get in a range of colours and sizes. Then, it’s as simple as trimming them down to the size you want and re-hemming them, all of which can be achieved in a matter of minutes with an industrial sewing machine. Customising clothes can be made even easier with an industrial embroidery machine , helping you to create new stunning designs.

3. Every baggy shirt can be cropped

This one's really quick and easy to do and it looks great for any occasion. Simply take any old t-shirt or shirt, trim it down to the size you like and re-hem the bottom and the sleeves. This item is very popular on Asos, and will leave your online store thriving.

Why not see the magic you can achieve with an industrial sewing machine from Stocks? Get in touch with us today by calling 0113 242 9378 or send us an email at, and we will be happy to help.