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Top 5 Embroidery Patterns for Summer


Warm weather and sunny skies typically mark the summer season, with plenty of time to spend outdoors and bask in the sunshine. We’ve gathered our top five embroidery patterns for summer, in time for some outdoor stitching – perhaps at the beach, watching the waves hit the shore.

So, what embroidery patterns can be chosen to create the ideal summer feel? Whether for the home, to wear, or simply for a picnic towel, these patterns will look stunning.


Sea Shells

Nothing says summer like the beach, and you can find stunning sea shell patterns, waves, seagulls, and any other beach-themed object. Different shades of blue will make for the ideal beach attire, compliment by themed embroidery. Ideal to wear on clothes when walking in the sand and enjoying the sea breeze.



Pineapples are very ‘in’ right now, and embroidery is no different. The pattern can be placed on clothes, duvets, or pillow cases for a colourful and fun embroidery pattern. Neon and bright colours can be alternated through clever stitching, creating a rainbow of summer colours.



Always a sign of both spring and summer, bees are stunning little creatures who help to pollinate flowers. For a stunning summer embroidery pattern, bees are a needed. You can use them to transition spring patterns into summer ones, or simply have a bee beautifully embroidered in the fabric. Whether on clothing or a homeware piece, the design is sure to bring about the feel of summer.



Watermelons are delicious, summery fruits for any hot day. A combination of cross stitch with blackwork will provide gorgeous watermelon patterns, often called ‘chicken scratch’. This embroidery on gingham is beautiful, and ideal for any summer table.


Ice Cream

Having an ice cream in summer is always a great way to enjoy the warm weather, and what’s best than one ice cream? Several ice creams, of course! An ice cream mandala pattern not only has a gorgeous repetition pattern but it will also bring back nice childhood memories. The best part, is that the different stitch colours can be matched to favourite flavours for a personalised embroidery project.

Are you feeling inspired by these summer patterns? These designs are easy to make, whether as a hobby or for a commercial setting. And they are sure to bring about the summer feel everyone loves. With our high-quality industrial embroidery machines, you’re sure to make any sewing much easier and tackle these beautiful summer patterns. To know more about our machines, simply get in touch with us and we’ll be more than happy to help.