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Three Ways to Check Your Client's Logo Will Embroider Well


Embroidery logos are a stylish, permanent and high quality way to brand a company’s work wear, but how do you ensure that your client has designed a logo that will work well as an embroidery?

Here's our guide to the top three things to consider when embroidering a logo onto work wear using an industrial embroidery machine.



1. Does the logo look good in colour and in black and white?

This is an important one to consider before your client commits to an embroidered logo design as some colour ways won’t work on certain fabric backgrounds. They need to think about the colour of the work wear or uniforms. The logo may need to be designed to stand out against darker colours or very bright colours. If the logo relies on a rainbow design, for example, it won’t stand out against a brightly coloured uniform. On the other hand, a black t-shirt will need to be embroidered with a white or brightly coloured logo for it to be seen clearly in the workplace.

2. The simpler the better when it comes to colour

Although your client may like the idea of a colour fade or using several colours in their logo, it’s always best to tell them to keep it simple with just one or two colours. The ‘ombre’ look that is so fashionable at the moment can’t be reproduced in embroidery and the use of lots of colours could severely drive their costs up.

3. Try to avoid fine details

If your client is looking for a great quality finish from an embroidered logo, it’s advisable to avoid fine details. This is particularly true of small logos, such as those to be embroidered onto aprons or t-shirts. Larger logos can incorporate a little more detail, but simplicity is always best. Think of the most famous logos... they are very simple!

Finally, if your client is really set on an intricate, colourful logo, at least ask them to consider designing a paired-down version for embroidery purposes. By doing this you are more likely to achieve the sharp finish and long-lasting logo they are looking for. Please contact us for more information on using industrial embroidery machines for logos.