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Thinking About An Industrial Sewing Machine?

Buying an industrial sewing machine is an important investment for your business. As probably the single most important piece of kit your operation will acquire, it’s important to do your research and know what you’re getting.

Here’s our list of top things to consider before buying.


Who Made It?

As with all business buys, you often find you get what you pay for. Different firms offer a range of products to fit all your machining and embroidery needs. You can check out Brother, Durkopp Adler, Strobel and Complett for a good view of starter and more experienced ranges.

Has It Been Looked After?

One of the big decisions to make if you are thinking about upgrading your hardware is whether you are going for a new item or one that’s been previously owned. Second-hand machines may be cheaper, but these pieces of equipment need the right care and servicing in order to ensure a decent lifespan. Get reassurances before you purchase and make sure it gets a timely service, your ability to run your business may depend on its reliability.

Does It Do What You Need?

Different machines from different manufacturers are geared towards particular tasks. That means you need to be sure you’re choosing the kit that best meets your needs. An industrial sewing machine may not have embroidery as standard. Explore the function of your time to make sure it meets your current, or potentially future, business needs.

What Do You Need It For?

Industrial sewing machines have all manner of applications and one machine can’t do everything and consistently guarantee 100% operation time. One way to minimize downtime or repair costs is to make sure that you buy a machine that expertly meets your needs. This means having a clear understanding of the direction and needs of your business.

Have You Got The Advice You Need?

You want to be dealing with someone who can listen to your needs and give you the right machine or machines for your applications. Your industrial sewing machine is only as good as the service that's available for it. If your sewing machine doesn't work, all is lost!

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