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Revisiting Victorian Fashion in 2016


Victorian fashion draws on traditional feminine style with the use of lace, embroidery and frills, designed with enhanced waistlines and exaggerated sleeves and collars to represent opulence and wealth. The intricate detail and range of fabrics that go into Victorian clothing characterises the style of the era, and is something that can easily be replicated with the right material. Even though the outfits that feature on catwalks are excessive and exaggerated, elements can be taken from designs to create subtle details on simple items.

Lace Hems

The use of delicate fabrics was very popular in Victorian fashion, including fine linens, silk and lace. Lace and embroidery trim was used in abundance to signify affluence, applied to hems of skirts and sleeves as well as round the neck on high collars and on gloves to achieve a look of elegance and grace. However, to create a more modern look, panels of lace can be added to sheer fabrics for a more daring style. Alternatively it can be layered to create texture and detail.

Chest Detail

A lot of dresses drew focus to the breast of the dress with voluminous bows, stiff collars and panelled materials. More angular panels on the chest tend to accentuate the Victorian cinched waist. These days fashion focuses on emphasizing curves and shape, so widening clothing at the top and bottom with stiffer, layered fabrics is a way to do this.

Ruffles and Puffs

Sleeves were a big thing during Victorian times, accentuated by gathering fabrics to create volume which manifested themselves as huge puffs and ruffles around the shoulders and in skirts to make them appear fuller. Embellishments like these may seem overpowering and old fashioned now, but when toned down can be quite a statement when teamed with more understated, simple items.

Adding lace applications and modifying materials to create volume are great ways to give clothes a hint of Victorian heritage whilst keeping up with the latest trends of the season. At Stocks Embroidery and Sewing Solutions we try to give you the best advice so you can create beautiful designs with the best embroidery and sewing equipment, stocking models like the Brother PR1000e and a range of ZSK machines. For further information on our products don’t hesitate to get in touch at 0113 242 9378. Alternatively, you can find us on our Facebook and Twitter pages.