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Organising Your Embroidery Accessories


Every embroidery project is different, whether on a small or on a large scale. Knowing for certain the accessories you will want for your embroidery needs might seem tricky, but being prepared and organised with supplies for all of your projects ensures nothing goes wrong.

From needles to essentials like scissors and thread, it’s vital to ensure that all your embroidery accessories are high quality and guaranteed to fit your requirements, both at a commercial and at an industrial level.


The most essential and basic accessory you will need for embroidery is a needle; without the appropriate needle for your machine you won’t be able to complete your projects, which will be costly. Having needles that can endure the required strain of your embroidery projects, especially if you need different sized needles, will make sure that you are prepared for any eventuality.

With 100 needle boxes and commercial Brother machine needles, you ensure that your machine’s performance doesn’t suffer from needles breaking. Sturdy needles for both industrial and commercial machines with the required size ensures the thread doesn’t fray and delay your embroidery projects.

Essential Supplies

Other essential supplies like ISACORD Embroidery Threads in 1000 and 5000 metre cones, in ISAMET Metallic, and ISACORD Variegated will ensure you have the best universal machine embroidery thread, worldwide, with almost twice the strength of rayon. A starter pack for your machine helps get your projects underway smoothly with everything you need for the initial period. A shade card to decide on the extraordinary 315 shades colour range will allow you to choose the exact thread colour you need, as it comes wound with actual thread.

For a more precise embroidery project, keeping embroidery backing and topping rolls at hand, in different sizes and water soluble for easier removal, ensures that the fabric you use is more stable and doesn’t pucker, and also that the thread doesn’t sink into stitch-absorbing fabrics like knits, fleece, velvet.

Scissors, curved or general shaped, are important for delicate or intricate embroidery projects, especially when made from fully forged, high quality carbon steel with a nickel plated finish. Aerosols and Lubricants are essential for embroidery machine maintenance and regular smooth use, guaranteeing a fibre and dust free machine that works to its best capacity.

These accessories will help make your embroidery life and projects easier; from smaller projects at home to bigger industrial ones, having essential supplies at hand prepares you for any embroidery eventuality. Stocking up on thread, for example, ensures that you don’t suffer any delays. It’s also useful if you change your ideas about colours!

Embroidery Machine Accessories

When undertaking embroidery projects, having embroidery machine accessories at hand helps you be prepared in case your project is trickier than expected. Having basic supplies not only lets you maintain your machine quickly and easily in case it breaks down, but it also ensures that more complicated designs won’t delay productivity.

Adjusting frames is easier and simpler with a Magnetic Mighty Hoop, regulating automatically to fit every material type including buttons and zippers. This fast and quick way of increasing your productivity won’t place stress on your arms due to its magnetic frame.

Embroidery machines might sometimes require parts replacement due to wear and tear, and whether you own a Brother or a ZSK embroidery machine, you will find you use a range of accessories from workstations to embroidery software, hoopers, cap frames, bobbin cases, fixed knives, motor belts, under threads, and  other supplies for a smoothly run embroidery machine.

Here at Stocks Sewing we have a wide selection of embroidery accessories for all of your needs and requirements, guaranteeing stress free embroidery. Get in touch with us on 0113 242 9378 to speak to our skilled team, who will happily answer any query you might have.

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