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How To: Create a Stunning Cushion



What do you use your cushion for?

The cushion you make will undoubtedly have a certain job roll in mind. Is it made for comfort, to add an extra bit of padding to a chair, or is it simply meant to look pretty?

Knowing what job your cushion is meant for will help you make those all important decisions later on. What fabrics are you going to use? How large is your cushion going to be? Is it going to be plain and simple or bursting with intricate detailing and embroidery?


What material are you going to use?

The material of your cushion can impact how you sew it. Silk, for instance, is far more delicate to get the perfect stitch than cotton. Then there's thinking about how your material will fit in with your cushions job role. Cushions can be made from any number of fabrics, a silk cushion however, might not be the best material to soften a wooden chair.


How big is your cushion going to be?

Is your stunning design suitable for a smaller, hand held cushion, or will it be made to the perfect hugging size? All of our machines are perfectly capable to handle any sized job you require but bear in mind, the world's smallest cushion may need a little TLC to get the perfect stitch.

Will your cushion have beading, buttons and other add-ons?

If the particular job role you're intending for your cushion involves sitting still and looking stunning, you can have great fun adding on bead work in all of its intricate details.  If you had planned on your cushion being usable, you may need to think again about your customers comfort. Will sitting on a beaded cushion feel like cloud nine to them, or will a plainer, simpler design be better suited?


Last of all, the main ingredient you need to make a stunning cushion is the proper tools and to release the designer in you. If you'd like more information on our amazing range of industrial sewing machines, contact us today on 0113 242 9378.