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HOW TO: Become A Fashion Designer


You know you were destined to be a fashion designer if, from an early age, you spent most of your childhood making clothes for your dolls and reading fashion magazines rather than your school books. However, when it comes to obtaining the skills in order to make your dream a reality, there is no formal certification required, but that really doesn't make the challenge any easier! You'll need to have a natural creative talent, an eye for drawing and a skill for sewing, alongside of course, a knowledge of the fashion industry. 

Sounds like a challenge, eh? Well, here at Stocks Sewing, we understand your love for the creative art, and have outlined a few little ideas and ways to get you started on your path to fashion-success! Enjoy. Develop your fashion skills Successful fashion designers have a wide array of skills, including drawing, an eye for colour and texture, an ability to visualise concepts in 3D, and the mechanical skills involved in the creating, cutting and sewing of patterns. Get some training! If you haven't yet considered it, we highly recommend you get some excellent sewing tuition! Being able to sew is a skill that'll set you apart from the competition, and will allow you to expand your knowledge and show ability to take on challenges, as well as learning from your mistakes. Sewing is a challenge, but it's well-worth it so stick at it! Understand fabrics When working with any sort of material, it's so important to fully understand it in order to get the very best results from it.

Understand how different fabrics move, drape, react when worn and how different fabric weights work, sew and feel. Also, expand your knowledge of where to source particular materials from - this is a particular skill that will be absolutely essential throughout your career. Learn, learn, learn Learn from existing designers, your peers at college, university or friends. Understand people's backgrounds and signature styles. This will help you to be a better designer yourself, and allow you to build on ideas and develop your own work type. Get a degree! Sure, not all of today's fashion favourites went to university or college, but it never harms to be educated. At fashion school in particular, you'll develop a whole load of new and necessary skills - from drawing to draping.

It's also a really rewarding and practical time to learn alongside industry professionals, develop contacts and get a feel for that 'real-fashion-world' experience that you desire. Find your field! You may need to start at the bottom in order to find what you most enjoy, but make sure you try everything before you decide! Whether you're interested in haute couture, bridal, ready-to-wear, costume or sportswear - be sure to explore the advantages and disadvantages of each, and realistically develop an area which you feel your designs will best fit. Set yourself up for success! Becoming a fashion designer isn't just about designing incredible clothes, but requires a sound knowledge of business and marketing aspects of the industry. You'll need to keep yourself updated on the happenings of the fashion world, as well as all recent business and marketing news. Try to learn everything and more that you think you may need, and research all other individuals within the business of fashion design, from fabric sources to merchandisers and machinists. And always, always understand and know your customer. 

Here at Stocks Sewing & Embroidery Solutions, we're passionate about providing you with everything you need to get creative. Whether you're a business owner or a self-confessed sewaholic, we offer an extensive range of quality brother sewing machines and embroidery machines.

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