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Embroidery – The Craft De Jour of the Creative World


Craftwork, in general, seems to be having a moment in the spotlight, but one area in particular catapulted onto center stage in 2017 and looks set to remain there well into 2018; Embroidery.

Embroidery involves using sewing tools and equipment, such as the Brother Embroidery Machine or a simple needle and thread, to decorate clothes and fabrics with motifs. It can be as simple or intricate as you please and it is this creative and flexible process, as well as an eye-catching result, that has made embroidery so popular in many different circles.

Fashion Designers

The fashion world has certainly latched onto the embroidery trend. We’ve seen it on the catwalks on Oscar de la Renta gowns and on the racks at H&M and Gap. Thanks to equipment like the Industrial Embroidery Machine, it is possible for clothing companies to mass produce items that still look like they have been hand customised, which is ultimately very appealing to customers. Pick up any fashion magazine right now and you will be guaranteed to find items boasting embroidery on some of the pages.


Famous figures love being ahead of the game when it comes to trends and have been emphasising embroidery items in recent years. At this year’s Met Gala in New York, famous faces like Rihanna and Sarah Jessica Parker worked pieces featuring varying levels of embroidery and Gigi Hadid has been spotted rocking embroidered jackets on her Instagram. There are even rumours that embroidery may make an appearance on Ms. Markle’s wedding dress at the upcoming royal wedding.

All Of Us

Embroidery is accessible to nearly everyone and this has led to it to being crowned the craft de jour. The Industrial Sewing Machine means that people can easily buy embroidery pieces on the high street such as homewares or clothing. Crafting groups are also setting up embroidery clubs or people are taking it up as a new hobby and practicing at home.

If you are considering bringing some beautiful embroidery to the pieces you produce at home or capitalising on the trend at your business, contact Stocks for more information on how we can help you get set up with the right equipment.