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Breathe New Life into Old Clothes with a Touch of Embroidery


The summer is finally here, and with the warmer days, lighter evenings, and desire to spend more time in the great outdoors, we’re also often tempted to splash out on new clothes, too.

However, for a more cost-effective and unique way, you can breathe new life into old garments with the help of a little embroidery. 

What’s even better, is that it doesn’t have to eat up a huge amount of time or money in doing so, either. You don’t need industrial sewing machine, or even an industrial embroidery machine if you’re doing things on a personal level. You can simply opt for a fast, easy and full of creative potential Brother Embroidery Machine.

Here are just a few of the items you can get started with for a fresh look this summer: 


A sure-fire way to stand out on the beach this summer is to get creative with your old swimwear pieces. A simple pattern etched down the sides of a bikini top and bottom will give a whole new look to the outfit, and you can switch to brighter, stand-out colours, too. 

Shorts and Skirts

It’s easier than ever to re-vamp your skirts and shorts, especially if they consist of materials such as cotton and denim. Choose simple stitching details to run down the hems or get creative with a thicker stitch towards the belt line, to really make them pop. 

Slogan Tees

Back in fashion and more popular than ever, slogan tees can feel a bit too similar if everyone is buying the same versions. However, designing your own slogan and using embroidery will set you above the rest and really stand out. 

Accessories, Including Beach Bags 

Again, embroidery is perfect for accessories which need bringing back to life. Keep it simple with details across straps, or along the top of bag openings, you can even create a unique touch by designing your own pattern or logo to emblaze your items with. 

We offer a fantastic range of sewing machines, perfect for any of your embroidery needs. Discover more about our range, purchase your own Brother Embroidery Machine, or simply just get in touch to find out more.