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Are You Ready To Upgrade To An Industrial Sewing Machine?


If you are working on a tough project, or you need to incorporate beautiful images and patterns onto your work, you may need to upgrade your current sewing machine. Here, we'll take a look at whether an industrial sewing machine could be the right option for you:

Do You Need An Industrial Sewing Machine?

If you're working on a project that involves tough leather, thick cotton or plastics, then you might need to use an industrial sewing machine. Since they are more durable they are likely to last a lifetime so can be considered a worthy investment. If you're interested in making some hand crafted men's fashion then using an industrial sewing machine will help you to master bulkier fabrics like wool and tweed. Similarly, if you're interested in making outdoor products like a hiking backpack which might involve thick straps, webbing, elastic and multiple pockets then make sure you find a machine which has multiple stitch settings. Get some inspiration from our collection of industrial sewing machines.

Ready To Use An Industrial Embroidery Machine?

Using an industrial embroidery sewing machine is the best way to incorporate unique written labels or beautiful images and patterns onto your work. Depending on the intricacy of your pattern, logo, text or image you can select how many embroidery feet you need, from single to 8. So if you're ready to add more embroidery machines to your shop or clothes making business, make sure to investigate the best industrial embroidery machine for you.

Brother Embroidery Machine If you're ready to escalate your sewing hobby to the next level then you might want to try the PR670e Brother embroidery machine which has a highly advanced, easy to use screen so you can create images, texts, and patterns with 6 needles. To find out how you can make even more embroidered gifts for your friends and family, take a look at the Brother range.

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