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Top 5 Embroidery Patterns for Spring


Spring can be a time for reflection and relaxing. Spending time on your hobby or even your profession can be a great way to spend some time on yourself during this time of the year. If you’re ready for some spring stitching, we have a countdown of 5 of our favourite spring-time patterns. So as the flowers are blooming, the lambs are leaping and the sun is shining, why not sit in the garden and try out some of this seasons stitching and embroidery techniques.

Flower Power!

It wouldn’t be spring if no floral designs were seen; whether on clothes, blankets or accessories, flowers are a must in this beautiful weather. A springtime embroidery pattern will look beautiful stitched onto a zipper pouch or maybe onto a child’s colourful dress for some intrigue detailing. A bright colour pallet will burst spring, and a floral design would complement a plain textile.

You could use several methods to achieve this. Maybe a detailed chain stitch, a French knot or a fly stitch. Any of these could achieve this style easily. You could also incorporate floral into lettering or around an image or another method.

A Deer Pattern

A darling deer would make the perfect spring embroidery pattern. You could even combine a floral spring pattern around the deer. The stitching for this is very simple for those who are new to embroidery and make an easy yet striking style for an experienced spring-stitcher. This specific design would make a great spring wall hanging as an interior design choice, rather than a clothing embroidery. Using this as a wall display is sure to bring spring into your home.


Bouncing Bunnies

Of all the sweet things to come out of spring, not including the chocolate eggs, the spring bunny is definitely top of the list. Using spring animal patterns are a must-stitch in the world of embroidery, such as a lamb or a chick, but bunnies can create the most adorable clothing pieces, lovely detailing on children’s blankets or even a decorative piece. You could add a new spring cushion to the sofa, featuring a bouncing, embroidered bunny.

Say the Word

What better says spring than the word itself. This way you can get extra creative and incorporate all the spring themes into one. Spell out the word ‘spring’, add a sprinkling of flowers, a hopping bunny and a vine of leaves around. Embroidering wording can be one of the simplest methods and is probably best to use a backstitch method, or if you’re feeling fancy maybe a satin stitch. You can get many free templates for patterns online for wording and is as easy as a couple of stitches.


A simple bird design can add a glimpse of spring into any textile, but can also work through any season. Getting the perfect embroidered bird is simpler than many beginner sewers and stitchers may think. Once you have your perfect bird design, from a book or online, you can trace the design onto fabric, or use embroidery transfer paper. (Make sure to do both sides) By using simple back stitches, you can stitch the outline of the bird design, leave It outlined or add some seed stitching or French knots to add some more fun and colour!

At Stocks, we are always looking for ways for you to get creative, improve your sewing techniques and try out the trends of the moment! With modern machines, embroidery can be much simpler and quicker. If you would like to know any more about our modern embroidery machines, that can make your spring sewing much simpler, please get in touch with our experienced team on 0113 242 9378. You can also find any updates on our FacebookTwitter and Instagram pages.