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Must Have Fashion: Embroidered Clothing


For years, music festivals have been the place where people look for fashion inspiration. Whether it’s celebrities donning a new trend or regular people you see in ‘street-style’ snaps, they’ve influenced what people later wear on the High Street.

Here at Stocks Sewing we love keeping our eye on popular fashion and what people are wearing. So as stockists of the Brother embroidery machine range, we were particularly pleased to see that embroidered clothes have been flying off the rails!

Here are a few of our suggestions on how to add embroidery to clothing to make sure they’re bang on trend.

Colourful Patterns

Adding a statement design to a plain white tee will set fashionistas apart from everyone else. Experiment with different colours such as fuschia, teal and emerald to make an outfit really pop.

Embroidered flowers and leaves onto garments are the go-to trend right now, but why not try a repetitive pattern that goes the length of a maxi dress? The more of it, the merrier!

Round The Hem

If you want to make sure you have something for everyone, start off small instead of adding a big design.

Subtly adding embroidery to an outfit will look completely on-trend without people having to exit their comfort zone.

Try embroidering white around the hem of a denim dress or adding a patterned collar onto an V-neck tee.

Textured Designs

 If you want to be really subtle, you can even embroider a pattern in the same colour as the material you’re putting it on.

Adding white flowers onto a white dress is a good start but don’t be afraid to really go for it! If you’ve found different shades of blue that compliment each other, why not bring them together in a beautiful embroidered garment?

In order to prep for Autumn, be ahead of the curve – the catwalks have shown off black on black embroidery patterns!

Add a 70s Vibe

To take your embroidered clothing from the summer version of the trend to A/W, inject a bit of inspiration from the 70s. Fringing, ponchos and scalloped collars are all set to be making a comeback next season, so don’t be left behind!

We hope this inspires you to go forth and embroider! If you need to stock up on equipment to add designs to your range of garments, we would highly recommend Brother embroidery machines. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions and we’ll be happy to help you with any of your sewing needs.