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4 Things You Might Not Know About Professional Sewing


If you are new to the sewing world or simply haven’t broken out of home sewing as a hobby, the thought of professional sewing might seem a daunting task.

It’s easy to assume that all sewing industry professionals have one fancy machine to do all their work for them, but this is far from the truth. People who are tasked with professional sewing often have many different machines to help them with their work, much like the range of Durkopp Adler Sewing Machines we have available.

So, what are the real differences between industrial and home sewing? Let’s take a look at some of the lesser known techniques used  in professional sewing.

Pinning Isn’t Necessary

You’ve probably guessed that professional sewing is much faster than standard, at-home sewing. This means that adding pins into the equation takes up more time and adds an unnecessary step into their fast paced task.

Close Up of Sewing Machine in Action

When taking basic sewing lessons, participants are advised to pin the pieces that they would be sewing in place, but the reality is that if you are working quick enough, you won’t need to use pins!

Steam Is Your Friend

Steam is a fantastic tool which more sewers should learn to utilise. Not only can it press seams open, it can also manipulate the shape of the fabric, shape darts already in the piece and even soften the material- all without needing to touch the item with an iron!

Ironing Laundry Symbol

The heat and moisture makes the fabric that you are working with more workable which is essential when needing to sew professionally to quicken your productivity.

Don’t Continuously Snip and Knot Thread

Usually when adding a seam to a project, the person sewing would normally get to the end of the seam, tie and knot and snip the thread.

As professional sewers will have many seams to tackle at one time, it’s not uncommon to end one seam and begin on another without stopping to snip the thread. This saves time and they will go back and snip all the threads when they are gone.

Sewing Machine Close Up with Thread Reel

They may back tack each piece to ensure that the stitch is secure, but this isn’t always necessary and depends on the piece that they are adding the seam to.

Use a Crease as a Guide

We’ve all been there trying to create the guide on our fabric without marking it of messing it up.

The professionals have created this foolproof technique that not only avoids marking the fabric, but which is a quick and easy way to create markers for your sewing.

Close Up of Button on Purple Garment

Pinch or fold a crease into your material to mark out your seams, centre points and other important markers which you may need.

Note: This may not work with all types of material.

We think that these techniques are incredibly simple but so effective and explain how professional sewers can produce work so quickly. We also think that they can easily be applied to any sewing project, so why not give them a go?

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