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3 Great Ideas that Revolutionised the Sewing and Embroidery World


Did you know that after the automobile, the sewing machine is the most precise machine in the world? Without them, your wardrobe wouldn’t have the ‘casual’, ‘formal’ and ‘sport’ sections, as back in the day people considered themselves lucky if they had more than two outfits! We’re not sure your teenage children would have liked this...

As you would expect, sewing machines have been evolving for decades – in fact, they are continuously improving in their design.

1. The Arm

The story of the sewing machine is quite a turbulent one. When the French tailor Barthélemy Thimonnier created it, his fellow colleagues in the sector were everything but happy – as this machine meant they would be losing their jobs. In the end, they rioted against it, destroyed the machines and almost the poor Thimonnier too!

After him, William Hunt Hunt developed a second design in Boston, but when he was trying to introduce his product in the United Kingdom, many took the chance to copy his genial idea back home. It was Isaac Singer – inventor, actor and mechanic, a special combination of talents, no doubt – who came up with the best addition: an overhanging arm. Thanks to this, the needle could be positioned over a flat table and the cloth worked under the bar in any direction. This made Singer leader in the sector.


We have talked about the past of sewing machines but, how about what is coming next? One of the latest advances has been incorporating the technology of AUTOCAD into the manufacturing of clothes, making embroidery – among other things – way more accessible. Thanks to this software, the design of a particular piece of cloth can be shrunk, enlarged, rotated or mirrored. The designer can also choose from different colours and types of stitches. So the process of trial and error can mostly happen on the screen without wasting materials – we are sure Singer would have loved this, although he wouldn’t have recognised his invention in the large and heavy industrial sewing machines of today! But the most fascinating feature of these new machines is the speed: a design conceived one day can be on the streets the day after.

3. Magnets

Magnets are pure magic. We’re sure that your five-year-old child looks at you as if you were pulling a rabbit out from a hat every time you use a magnet to attract paperclips. They seem to be able to do the impossible, and this is precisely what happens with the HoopMaster Magnetic Mighty Hoop frames. They can be used with any kind of material to make clamping the easiest task. For one thing, you don’t need to make any effort with your hands and arms to keep the piece of cloth in its place as the frames attract themselves. In addition, once you are using them, items such as buttons and zippers can be quickly clamped. And you won’t have to think about clamping marks on your textiles anymore!

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