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Embroidery Supplies


Stocks Sewing Machines are closed from Thursday 17th April and will be returning on Tuesday 22nd April.

Any order on the Thursday 17th April must be submitted by 11 am.

Here at Stocks Sewing Machines Ltd we are renowned as one of the leading sewing and embroidery machine providers in the whole of the UK, but we also stock an enormous assortment of other embroidery supplies too. No sewing or embroidery machine is more than the sum of the consumables that it needs to operate, and as dedicated embroidery suppliers we aim to meet every conceivable requirement in this area.  No matter what the application might be, we‘re here to help through our line of embroidery supplies.

We can offer high quality threads, backs and toppings for any sort of embroidery, and can also provide more substantial products like scissors or aerosols that are optimised for embroidery use. We possess considerable expertise and experience in the area of sewing and embroidery, whatever the scale, so you can be confident that our embroidery consumables have been handpicked for their proven utility. All of our stock is available online at unbeatable trade prices, so look no further than Stocks Sewing Machines Ltd when you’re looking for embroidery supplies.

Just as we aim to provide the best service for sewing and embroidery machines in the whole UK, so we aspire to meet all of your other related needs to the same professional standard. Our range of embroidery products is extremely varied, so don’t hesitate to come to us if you need any advice about with item would be the best suited to your requirements. If you have any further questions about our products, feel free to get in touch with our specialist embroidery suppliers and we will be happy to offer you any assistance that you might need.


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