From denim to silks, shoes to bags, embroidery is back in a big way. Here are just a few ways you can integrate stunning extras in clothing with an industrial embroidery machine.



Detailed Denim

Denim is the most significant trend in the world of embroidery at the moment, and a heavy-duty machine can make quick work of the beautiful and intricate designs of this style. Illustrate jeans with beautifully placed floral elements for not only an attractive visual finish but a touchable, tactile one as well. Floral patterns and techniques are the big things for denim, as well as layers of texture and pattern.


Beautiful Bridal

Embroidery is the new beading for bridal dresses; from colourful additions to a less traditional dress through to delicate embroidery on veils and tulle, those little touches are used to make any wedding day a bit more special. Anything from song lyrics from the first dance through to the couple's favourite flowers can be incorporated in a subtle thread to make their wedding outfit extra special. Beautiful gold and silver thread is popular, too, for an extra-special effect.


Nice Knitwear

Knitwear and embroidery have always gone hand in hand, but this season's trends have ramped embroidery up to new levels. Forget bobbly embroidery and think full gardens of flowers, elaborate patterns and unique patterns, to make expensive-looking and attractive garments that are sure to catch the eye of passers-by.

Even monograms and phrases are in fashion this season, the perfect addition to a plain jumper for a luxe touch. Inspired by this season's embroidery trends? Customising garments for profit has never been more accessible, with fashion-lovers clamouring for custom embroidery designs that create a unique and luxury effect. Keep up with the competition by choosing an exceptional quality embroidery machine that is sure to provide perfect results.

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