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ZSK Single Head Embroidery

Made in Germany...
Embroidery with the plus factor

Whether you are starting a new business, or add further machines to your existing company, the purchase of an industrial embroidery machine is a very important decision. Quality, reliability, service and resale value are important factors.

ZSK's single head embroidery machines are manufactured and expertly tuned to provide the power of a multi head to one single head machine. Opt for speed, precision and large embroidery area, whilst maintaining incredible stitch results and the highest quality time after time!

NEW Sprint 7
The latest single head from ZSK, the Sprint 7, has 18 embroidery needles, with the same speed and performance as the Sprint 6. Perfect for the extravagant embroiderer with complex designs, or those with many different designs requiring a total or more than 12 colours.
Sprint 6
The Sprint 6, the smallest of the single head machines, has all the power, and then some, compacted down into a manageable size. 
Sprint XL
Need the performance of the Sprint 6, but more embroidery area? Go XL! The Sprint XL single head machine has an embroidery width of up to 1200mm, perfect for runners, curtains and other long textiles.
Racer 1W
The Racer 1W, the single head machine from the Racer series, has been developed with the latest technology, tested and perfectly tuned on the basis of German engineering expertise and thoroughness.
Racer 1XL
The NEW Racer 1XL, the single head machine, which offers 24 unique colours/needles and an enormous embroidery field of 650 x 700mm. State-of-the-art in respect to embroidery speed, precision and flexibility. 

ZSK Single Head Embroidery