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ZSK Technical Embroidery Systems

Quick Overview

Fixing through embroidering is one of the most accurate and efficient production methods.
The technical embroidery systems of ZSK enable the use of new and innovative techniques and laying and fixing of different media on textile and/or flexible carrier material. 
The laying with embroidery machines, meaning the fixing through embroidering is one of the most accurate and efficient production methods. 
Media like wires and any kind of fibres, tubes and optical fibres can be layed flexible and will be fixed secure and strongly through embroidery techniques like the ZigZag stitch. Materials with different conditions like Polyamid, Polyester, PPS or Aramid are available as a yarn. For products with special load requirements yarns with a steel core can be used if applicable.

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Technical Embroidery Machines
Laying machines for fibres and wires

Advantage - Superior flexibility

The outstanding and essential difference between the processes of ZSK's technical embroidery systems and techniques like weaving, knitting or even braiding consists into the absolutely free and flexible laying of the media at the 2-dimensional level of the carrier material. The laying is limited only by the physical characteristics of the media.

Advantage - High level of automation

A significant higher efficiency can be achieved at the production of technical textiles by using our advanced automation techniques. Quality, production output and labour costs will benefit on a high level from the options which are available for any machine of ZSK's technical embroidery systems.

Field of application - Laying wires

The laying of wire is an essential part in the production of many products from all spheres of life today. Laying wire with ZSK's technical embroidery systems is cost efficient, more reliable and environmentally friendly.

One of today's most innovative fields of activity is the embroidering of antennas (RFID) and sensors on textiles. Without any damage of the textiles, characteristic signals like fill level, movement or temperature can be measured and relayed,

Laying wire with ZSK's technical embroidery systems can be found at many other fields of application.

Exemplary products amongst others are:

  • heated working - or outdoor clothing
  • luminous textiles to improve security or comfort
  • heated steering wheels
  • heated car seats
  • embroidered circuits to integrate electrical functions into clothing
  • infrared heating systems
  • protective systems for safes
  • electromagnetic shielding for tap-proof chambers



Field of application - Laying fibres

A radically new technology to build up reinforcement fabrics is the free orientation, placing and fixing of reinforcement materials through an embroidery machine.

it can be used in applications where the production of components or textile structures required the stitching of variable-geometry ply stacks, where fabrics need to be reinforced locally, or where fabrics must be assembled.

Various materials like carbon, glass and aramid fibres, wires etc. can be processed. Single layed rovings are fixed to the base material by stitching.

During the process, the base material is moved by the panto-graph, enabling to lay rovings in any direction and quantity.

TFP - Tailored Fibre Placement

Another major advantage of this new process is to be able to lay the rovings according to the distribution of forces withing a structural component.

100% reproducibility speaks for itself and is accomplished by the following:

  • automatic preform production
  • low mass tolerance
  • high dimensional accuracy
  • reliable identical laying roving

This cost effective process is driven by high stitching speed on one hand multiple working units on each machine.

In comparison to other textile technologies the expensive loss of materials is kept to a minimum. Accordingly the problem of waste disposal is very little.

1. Active wire and fibre supply systems
Two supply systems can be installed on each laying head.
Each supply system can take wire or fibre rolls up to 10Kg.

2. Automatic unwinding function
The advantage to supply wires and fibres from big rolls bears the disadvantage that the materials have to be guided to the zig-zag layer by pipes and that limits the possible rotation to 360 degrees. Because of this limitation, wires could not be laid in spirals for example. ZSK have solved this problem by an automatic unwinding function.

3. Automatic change of different medias
The change between two different medias, like two different wires or fibres, and wires is fully automatic. (Patent pending)

4. Pneumatic media trimmer
The pneumatic trimming system cuts all kind of fibres and even stronger wire.

5. Wire hit detection system
If a laid wire is hit by the needle, the machine stops and indicates the affected laying head. The defective part can be marked to be sorted out. In many branches like in production of car seat heating systems this function is obligatory.

6. Fast fibre laying
For large objects a fibre laying speed up to 5m per minute can be reached.

7. Carbon protection for the electronics
All electronic devices of a ZSK laying machine are protected against carbon dust.

8. Pneumatic clamping and stretching system
A very flat designed clamping and stretching system for the carrier material.

9. Automatic pull through system
The carrier material is automatically pulled through from roll to roll, back to front.
The automatic pull through system is available for all one head laying systems

  • Carrier material (woven, non woven, foils) up to 1400mm wide is pulled automatically from back to front
  • The roll and re-roll stands follow the side movement of the pneumatic frame which allows to transport and re-clamp the carrier material in any position on the frame
  • Transporting and re-clamping is possible in back to front and vice versa direction in the middle of a wire laying design
  • The length of a wire laying design is just limited to the length of the carrier material available on the roll
  • The unrestricted changing of the transporting direction of the carrier material allows to have the start and end of a wire at one point for easy connection


10. Semi automatic pull through system
In case of multi head laying systems (up to 11 laying heads) the carrier material is pulled through from left to right. In connection with a pneumatic clamping and stretching system and the motor supported roll up and loading time takes less than 2 minutes.

11. Automatic bobbin changer
The pneumatic bobbin changer for the under thread is equipped with a magazine for 7 full and one empty bobbin for up to 8 hours of running time.